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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 205

Revelation given August 1998
Near Comanche, Texas

I your Savior, in accordance with the desires of many to know the reason as to why the races are born into different circumstances, and also as to why the black race require not the Priesthood; behold I will give unto you an answer as to why this is so.
In the pre-existence there were many who were faithful in supporting the plan presented by the Savior, wherein all men would be given their free agency to choose the good or the evil.
And there were those among them that performed well, wherein they did make the right choices.
And these I did make My great ones, which I have before said unto you, that even My servant Abraham was one of these.
For have I not said in previous revelations that men are rewarded in this life according to their works in the pre-existence?
And unto these I did foreordain to the highest and holiest callings in My priesthood.
Yea, and there were many others who supported and were active in promoting these freedoms and the cause of righteousness;
And to all who qualified themselves I did foreordain to the Holy Priesthood after the order of the Son, also known as the Melchizedek Priesthood, that with this promise:
That if they lived according to My commandments, they would be able to use this, My Priesthood, to build up My Kingdom and My Zion upon the earth.
10 And again, there were an innumerable host who were less valiant and diligent, and spent little effort to promote that principle;
11 And because they were somewhat rebellious, wanting to change, to some degree, the plan that was presented to them, unto these I did place them on this earth as the Gentiles and heathen nations.
12 And again, there were many others that followed not after the evil one, but yet were indifferent in supporting the cause of freedom, and the plan of the Savior.
13 And because of their stubbornness and rebelliousness I caused them not to be foreordained, for why should the slothful be rewarded for their slothfulness?
14 All spirits are born into circumstances that will best suit and reward their diligence in the pre-existence.
15 And I your Savior say unto you, how then is there injustice? For where, how and through whom each are born is in accordance to their works in the pre-existent state.
16 And those who endeavor to give My holy Priesthood to those who are not foreordained, understand not My gospel.
17 For they endeavor to do this without revelation, claiming at the same time that God has given them permission to do so.
18 Behold, these are the liars and false prophets I have forewarned you about.
19 For they have changed the laws and ordinances, and accept the titles of Prophets, Seers and Revelators; yet openly accuse God of being unjust and partial;
20 And they claim revelation, but are destitute of such gifts, for by their acts ye shall know them.
21 For as a good man is known for his acts, having the gifts of God, so also are the false prophets, for their acts expose their falseness.
22 Behold, because of their own foolishness, they place themselves in jeopardy of losing their own salvation.
23 Behold, I your LORD say unto you that God is a just God, and rewards each according to their own works.
24 For the black race and the interrelated races were given this color and these features that man would recognize them and not mix their seed with theirs;
25 For in so doing they and the resulting posterity would receive the curse that they could not hold the priesthood in this life, neither could they hold it in the life to come.
26 And unto those who endeavor to overrule this just decree, even as Cain endeavored to do, behold they also would take unto themselves this same curse.
27 And I say unto you that according to the laws of Heaven, men are not without the woman, and women are not without the man in the LORD.
28 For women can hold the priesthood through the man when she becomes one with him in serving their God.
29 For if they desire to reside in the Celestial spheres they must be united as one in purpose and unity, upholding the laws and purposes of God throughout the eternities.
30 For if men or women try to receive these gifts in a separate state, behold I say unto you, that this is impossible, and their desires in these matters shall come to naught.
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