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2nd Book of Commandments 206

Revelation given January 9, 1999
Near Comanche, Texas

Behold I say unto My servant that he shall take pen in hand and write that which I will say unto him.
For it is My will that ye shall warn certain people which I shall designate to thee, that they have an opportunity to repent of their sins, and again return unto Me, their Savior.
For they must be warned and forewarned that when they appear before me they shall be without excuse.
Yea! For the time is short and draweth nigh unto the end.
For the wicked must be destroyed that the righteous may inherit the earth.
For why should the wicked be rewarded for their wickedness, and the righteous not be vindicated?
But I your Savior do say unto you, "Where are the righteous and when shall they step forward to claim their inheritance?"
Behold, they are hidden up unto Me, and they shall join hands together at the appointed time, and not until.
For I am God, and exalt whom I will exalt, and debase whom I will debase-- all according to just laws-- and I command all to repent.
10 Seek not to continually desire others to fail, but instead ye shall endeavor to lift them up, and teach them aright; and then, if they heed not, then ye are justified.
11 For if ye continually seek them ill, then ye are yourselves in need of repentance, for your heart is not correct before My face.
12 For have not I your Savior lifted all of you up, and given unto you many signs and small miracles as a witness that I indeed am in your midst?
13 And are ye not comfortable in your surroundings, and have I not healed you from time to time according to your faith?
14 And ye ask why wealth eludes your grasp, yet if I favored you with wealth at this time would you not then be beset with tribulation by those who would covet that which ye have, and endeavor to take it unto themselves?
15 For when ye learn to use the wealth ye are entrusted with for the upbuilding of My Zion, the wicked who covet such wealth will be dealt with by Me.
16 For have I not said before that vengeance is Mine; and all shall be rewarded for their works.
17 For if ye build up unto Me, then will I not then defend that which is Mine.
18 But if one builds up not unto Me, then he must defend that which is his.
19 And it is My will that ye shall send out the letter I have commanded to be written to the remainder of the leaders of the church, even the Seventies, and other General Authorities that have the signs of Israel-- as far as ye are able to determine.
20 And to any others that I may indicate by My Word through My servant.
21 And at this time ye shall send My Word through My servant to the following: even Winston, and also all those who are now in charge of the mine located at Salem.
22 And thus I have said that this needs be accomplished that those be warned, that they have no excuse before Me at the last day.
23 And to those who are gathered I say unto them, that in spite of their many weaknesses I have accepted their many works and sacrifices.
24 But I say unto them that they be more thankful for the blessings I do give unto them, for are they not where I called them?
25 And if they continue to heed My Word I will grant their righteous desires, that their efforts will result in the establishment of an acceptable place where I can truly dwell and bless My people.
Even so, Amen.
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