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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 207

Revelation given March 18, 1999
Near Comanche, Texas

Because there has been none to this time who have stepped forward to help you in the development of the property I have placed into your hands in Canada, I therefore say unto you that ye shall not develop this property at the present time.
And the monies ye have received ye shall use as I have instructed, leaving the residue there to be used at a later date.
And as to the other matter, ye have asked Me about, ye shall leave it as it is at the present, and not make any changes--
And I will guide thee when to act in these matters, when the appropriate time is at hand.
And ye shall commend all who are involved in the matter, for they are presently doing correctly in spite of their many weaknesses.
Yea! and again unto My servant Lee. It is not correct for him to pursue the matter he has presented to you;
And because of his thoughts concerning this matter, placing his own desires above those of Mine, he shall not yet qualify himself for further responsibilities in My school.
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