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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 208

Revelation given April 22, 1999
Near Comanche, Texas

The time soon cometh when all those who are not with Me shall be against Me;
And all those who continually complain of their present circumstances shall see their folly.
For where else can ye be safe from the calamities-- except ye be at one of the places I have appointed, and be actively engaged in the preparation for those who are to follow?
And it is now that ye shall consider that all your transactions among yourselves shall be as My servant shall instruct, and this ye shall follow as much as shall be practical among you;
For the value of the currency of the nations shall fail.
And again I caution all to not covet that which belongs to another.
For that which a man has worked for in a righteous manner is surely his, and if he be faithful in all matters shall be his, even in like manner, in the eternities-- to be added upon for ever and ever.
For have I not stated in a previous revelation that all matter is of a spiritual nature, for there is nothing that exists that is not spiritual to those who are living My gospel in its fullness.
And behold My son, it is also My will at this time that because there has been no one who has stepped forward to help you in the development of the property in Canada, ye shall no longer seek to establish your residency there;
10 And ye shall return to your properties in the United States.
11 And those who were to have helped you in this matter will not receive the blessing that would have been in store for them;
12 For they have not heeded My Word, wherein they were to leave all for My sake, even their families and their friends, even all those who would not follow after My will.
13 And if they would have heeded My Word, would not others now be in this work? I say unto you, yea.
14 And would they not now have begun to establish My Zion in this part of My vineyard?
15 And they say, "Is it not correct and according to God's commandments for men to provide and be with their families?"
16 And this is so, and according to law; howbeit, it is what they do in the time that they do not require for their families, even their spare time--
17 This they have not devoted to Me, but have devoted to others, and to themselves, depriving themselves these blessings which I have promised them.
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