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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 210

Revelation given October 6, 1999
Near Comanche, Texas

I your Savior do speak unto you this night by the still small voice, and say unto you that I am well pleased with all that My servants and maidservants have done in the paying off of the mortgage on the property.
Yet I am more pleased that they are striving with all their hearts to overcome some of their weaknesses;
For it mattereth not the material things if there is contention and strife among My people.
Nevertheless, ye have progressed one step in the establishing of the foundation of My Zion.

Concern thyself not because of your numbers, for were not there but eight who survived the flood when the waters descended from above, and from beneath?
Strive more diligently to control your angers and your envies and your jealousies that ye continue to be more perfect before Me;
For what ye have accomplished is but the beginning, yet because ye have accomplished this, My Spirit will be more among you, and your strivings will, from this time forth, meet with greater success if ye continue on in your efforts as ye are now doing.
For all that ye have so far accomplished is pleasing unto Me in spite of your many imperfections.
And ye shall continue to prepare the properties according to the instructions I have already given unto you-- and what I shall reveal unto you from time to time as it becomes necessary.
10 For ye are correct in preparing the old building as ye have decided, and the other things that need to be addressed to improve the property.
11 And when ye have completed these things I will instruct thee further as is necessary.
12 For do not be anxious in these matters, but have faith and I will give here a little, and there a little as ye are able to accomplish all that is necessary to build a place of refuge unto Me.
13 For have I not said, is this not just the beginning?
14 Nevertheless, ye shall rededicate and consecrate the property as ye have thought, that the power of the adversary have less control over your activities and doings.
15 Nevertheless, ye shall continue to be of a humble nature, not boasting of your success to make a noise; that the adversary not be awakened and become extremely angry, and destroy that which is yet a fragile vessel.
16 Continue to develop faith, for it is through this power that ye have come this far, for have I not said that through faith all things are possible.
17 For this quality stirs those who have gone on before into action on your behalf, for this is the key that if you obtain in righteousness, will give you the power over the adversary that will enable ye to accomplish My will.
18 Yet ye shall do all things with a humble heart, not seeking glory unto thyself, but give instead glory unto the God who meets out justice and truth.
Even so, Amen.
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