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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 211

Revelation given January, 2000
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, it is now time that ye shall take up thy pen and write again My word.
For ye have seen that strange weather patterns are now a normal occurrence.
For ye have in the world unrestrained pollutions occurring among the heathen nations; and this they do at an extremely rapid rate because of their exceeding great number.
For they have become the dominant force in the world, outnumbering My chosen people by many times.
And because they lack wisdom and intelligence, but yet have unlimited knowledge, they have become a great force for evil.
Yea, and even a great portion of the Children of Israel have chosen to follow their ways, and there are but few that care not to pollute My footstool.
And it is My will that these few gather together in the places I have designated, that they be not totally destroyed with the wicked.
And it is because of these few that I have stayed My hand for the moment.
For the heathen and all those who disobey My commandments in every respect bring upon themselves their utter destruction.
10 Nevertheless, it will be much more tolerable for the heathen than for those who have known Me, and yet have rejected those whom I have sent.
11 For they have disregarded My word, and My warnings to come forth out of Babylon, and if they continue in this path they shall be counted as among the heathen and be destroyed with them.
12 For My people are now mixed with the Gentile and the heathen, and in spite of My numerous warnings through My true prophets, have chosen to disregard My word, and have instead heeded the word of the false prophets which say that there is no difference between the races; for it has become like before the flood.
13 And the time soon cometh that these persuasions shall be exposed, and the fierceness of My wrath will commence the cleansing of My footstool.
14 And ye shall teach unto My servant Alex all that he shall desire to know, and make him aware that all who qualify themselves for this work must often stand alone;
15 And ye shall confer upon him the holy Priesthood, for those who have the signs of Israel must have this Priesthood confirmed before they can be ordained to any office;
16 And this only if they desire this with all their heart.
17 And baptism cannot be performed by proxy for the living; therefore, he cannot be baptized until there is another holder of the Priesthood there to do it for him.
18 And ye shall say unto him that there is no authority among the local leaders of the church, for they have all raised their hands to sustain the Church authorities, and support them in their ordination of the seed of Cain;
19 And all who do this immediately lose their own Priesthood, and accept the covenant that Cain made with the black race.
20 Howbeit, there are a few in My church among its members who have not polluted themselves in this manner, yet these are known only through revelation.
Even so, Amen.
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