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2nd Book of Commandments 212

Vision and Revelation given
February 19, 2000
Near Comanche, Texas

On the 19th of February in the year 2000 in the early morning I was taking my usual bath and went sound asleep, which I cannot recall doing before.
I woke up suddenly and I saw with my open eyes writings in front of me. These writings appeared to be in an ancient script, and perfectly written.
The characters which were closer to me appeared large, but they extended in front of me for a long distance and appeared smaller and smaller as the distance increased until one could no longer see them because of the distance.
I did not at that time have any idea what these characters meant.
But the strangest thing was that I saw them not as a dream, but while my eyes were wide open.
I could see plainly all other things there, i.e. the tub, etc. and the writing was just there in the air and extending through the wall and into the distance.
As I did not understand this at the time, I dismissed it as some peculiar phenomenon which I could not explain.
For this reason I put it from my mind, but did not just totally forget it, like you would a dream.
It was when another strange happening occurred later that same day that I recalled what happened, and was given the understanding of what these writings were.
10 Later that same day I sat on the couch propped up in a comfortable position and again apparently fell asleep.
11 As I sat there, there appeared to be someone sitting next to me.
12 Although the couch did not extend that way, nevertheless he sat to my right.
13 He, this person, motioned to me and said, "Watch what I do."
14 And as I watched, he began to place upon himself steel armor.
15 This armor was not like ordinary armor, but of the finest steel.
16 Prior to this, he had already placed upon himself a garment of pure white.
17 It was to my understanding that this was the garment of the Holy Priesthood representing perfect righteousness.
18 However, I was not allowed to view this garment, but understood that he had already placed it on himself before he began to put on the armor.
19 Over this garment he did begin to place the armor of steel.
20 He did place the armor on himself, being careful to place each piece on correctly.
21 First the body of the armor, then the legging and breastplate, then the arms and hands, and finally the helmet.
22 In his hand he did take up the sword.
23 My impression was that this man had to be perfect, or nearly so; otherwise he could not wear either the garment or armor;
24 Nor could he make perfect judgment to reap down the earth-- for to my understanding this personage had this responsibility.
25 And it was also my impression that the armor was impenetrable by any means-- not only to protect from the physical, but the mental, spiritual and emotional.
26 And it was also given to my understanding that those who were not gathered to the places of refuge, and were not prepared, would be destroyed with the wicked because of their disobedience in not gathering;
27 And this because of their blind and corrupt leaders who they choose to follow instead of the true prophets God has sent.
28 And thus if any are to be saved, their sufferings shall be great to cause them to repent before any redemption can come.
29 And because it is the law of God that none shall be punished without cause, and no judgment can come unless sufficient cause be found.
30 It is therefore my understanding that the writings that I beheld in the morning were the list of charges in unending number that the earth has brought against the inhabitants thereof, and the Lord has brought down his gavel, before numerous witnesses, meeting out just punishment against the inhabitants of the earth.
31 Apparently the judgments have been made, and the judgments are just and perfect, for the charges brought against the earth's inhabitants by the earth are unending, and if allowed to continue would make the earth uninhabitable by either man or beast.
Even so, Amen.
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