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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 213

Revelation given November, 2000
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, I your Savior come to you at this time and impart unto you some more wisdom and understanding;
And behold ye are desiring to know what ye should do when people seemingly repent and desire to come unto the property;
And behold I say unto you, ye have indeed set up a place of refuge for the righteous to flee to in the day of calamity and ye have been given much instruction in these matters previously;
Nevertheless I shall say further to thee that ye shall allow no one on these places of refuge except those that are necessary as for servicing and delivery, and ye shall not reveal to anyone any of your doings.
And as to others that may desire to come, whether it be relative or friend even if it be for a short visit, ye shall determine:
If the person or persons have committed evil acts and are openly rebellious to My statues, behold ye shall discourage them from coming, for the adversary can use the eyes of the wicked to see your weaknesses and perhaps trip you up, and cause contention among you that perhaps they cause you to sin and ye lose My Spirit and be lost.
For he indeed can see through the eyes of the wicked (even though they appear to be righteous).
Therefore ye shall be wise in these matters and remember for whom ye work.
For if ye work to establish My Kingdom ye shall always have these matters in mind.
10 Yet ye shall not refuse the righteous who have done works that qualify them, and who are willing to enter the order and Keep My Commandments.
Even so, Amen
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