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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 214

Revelation given December 1, 2000
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, it is imperative that ye write that which I reveal unto you at this time.
For there have been errors made in dealing with those who desire to come unto this property, for it is indeed a place of refuge for the pure in heart and none other;
And those who are deceitful and liars are not to be invited or encouraged to enter thereon.
For have I not instructed my servant by revelation that unless one is totally converted, and is willing to keep the covenants of the United Order they are not to dwell thereon?
And prior to their entering My Order they must sign these covenants and totally agree with them;
And then can there be no misunderstanding as each covenant being carefully explained and understood by each individual both men and women.
For ye can see that a promise with the deceitful is not enough, and by this experience ye shall learn wisdom.
And there are those who make it an issue to find fault with my servant, and this they do for justification of their own weaknesses and sins.
My Spirit will flee from such and the blessings shall allude them.
10 And I your Savior do say unto you, those who desire to leave, ye shall allow them to do so, for their free agency must not be crossed.

11 And as to your question as to what to do with the 68 acres.
12 Ye shall indeed sell it for the best possible price, and all those who have contributed shall be paid fairly, and the rest shall be given to My servant that perhaps he establish a new place of refuge as I shall designate.
13 And ye shall continue to clean it of all refuse before it is placed for sale.
14 And as to my servant Lee's property, it remaineth his until his passing unless he turns it legally over to my servant for ye shall not leave these matters in other's hands.
15 For it is no value to My work until this is accomplished.
16 And this ye shall understand, that when I clearly give unto you a commandment, either by My Word or by My servant, it mattereth not, and it is disregarded, ye then endanger this work and put the place of refuge in jeopardy.
17 Therefore heed My Word and receive the promised blessings.
18 Seek not for different places of refuge, for there are those among you who seek other places not of Me, and accuse My servant of error in this matter.
19 Let those who accuse you in these matters set up their own place, but I shall not dwell there.
20 For My servant is My servant, for he writes that which I dictate unto him by My Spirit, and is continually willing to accept My will and instruction no matter what the consequence.
21 And if he doth err I immediately correct him that he perpetuate not the error.
22 For he is My servant because he is able to accept chastisement and instruction, and is continually hungering after My truth and My Word.
Even So, Amen
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