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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 215

Revelation given First part of May, 2001
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, It is imperative that ye take a writing instrument and write that which I will reveal unto you that pertains to your material and spiritual welfare at this time.
For I say unto you, ye shall return unto My servant Lee the office of an elder in My Priesthood, and also restore him as councilor to My servant in the World School.
This ye shall do without delay, for he has truly repented of that which he did err in;
Nevertheless, he must continually work to overcome his lusts and boastfulness, and develop in himself humility which he lacks.
And ye shall release from the Bishopric of the Comanche area My servant Robert, and ye shall call My servant Richard to be first councilor to My servant David;
And as second councilor ye shall call My servant Michael.
And ye shall also give unto My Servant Joshua the Aaronic Priesthood with the office of Priest.
This shall all be done in accordance with My laws and statutes.
For these ordinances shall be done at a conference called for this purpose, that those who object to these ordinances being performed may do so.
10 And again I say unto you that ye shall say unto My servant Robert2 that if he so desires to serve Me, his Savior, he shall establish a portable saw mill operation that can be moved from one place of refuge to another;
11 Even that the timber that is on these places, or that is available close by, provide part of the lumber necessary for the building of the homes ye are to build-- even for the beams, the windows, the frames, rafters and floors, etc.
Even so, Amen.
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