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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 216

Revelation given June 10, 2001
Near Comanche, Texas

Behold My son. Ye have asked Me, your Savior, about guardian angels, and how they do operate to influence those on the earth. Behold, I shall reveal some knowledge concerning this matter.
Behold, there are two kinds of guardian angels, those who are living, and those who have passed.
As to those who are living, anyone who is responsible for others-- righteous kings, presidents, and leaders, can influence many to do good, and should be heeded by their subjects when their aim is to teach correctness.
And it is fortunate for their subjects to have those to govern them who have a righteous nature, even as My servant King Benjamin, and also My servant King James, who justly ruled and restored to the world My word, that ye have before you today.
These and others are to some degree guardian angels, for they perpetuate good by living that which they teach.
And many others which touch your lives can be unto you guardian angels if their goal is to perpetuate good, even teachers, employers and friends.
These who, often unconscious of their role, can pass on good advise and fair principles at certain points in your lives.
But by far, the responsibility of being guardian angels are fathers and mothers to their children, and even grandchildren-- and even brothers and sisters to each other.
Yet in most cases in life, these guardians are ignored and not even considered to be in that capacity.
10 But by far, those who hold this responsibility on the temporal plane fall far short of what they should be doing; not even considering that they have this responsibility to perform.
11 And many with this responsibility, just like an unrighteous king or leader, teach them instead their vileness and evil.
12 Then, what is their reward?
13 And again, there are those who have passed on who have chosen the right paths on the earth, and wish to continue to influence to do good and help those on the earthly plane.
14 And these, I their Savior, have assigned them in this capacity, that they endeavor to persuade those living to make the right choices, and be in the correct places to preserve their lives.
15 Nevertheless, at no time can they use any form of coercion to bring about these results, but by persuasion only, for free agency cannot be interfered with in any way.
Even so, Amen..
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