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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 217

Revelation of Approximately July 20 , 2001
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, ye have asked Me, your Savior, how to handle the situation ye have on the only place of refuge that I have designated and established;
And behold, I your Savior, do say unto you that ye can progress no further until the sources of the vandalism that has been perpetuated on this property have been exposed.

And ye have asked concerning faith, and how it becomes an effective tool to establish My Zion;
For behold, much has been said concerning faith in Mine ancient scriptures, and ye had wondered why it had not been effective in efforts to heal and effectively cast out evil spirits.
Behold I say unto you, as I before said when I was on the earth, that when there is little faith on the part of the recipient, little can be done;
For was that not the case when I returned unto My family and acquaintances in Nazareth?
For I could do little there because of their unbelief.
Nevertheless, it takes much more faith to build a place of refuge and to go against tradition and false doctrine, than to heal the sick, or to remove a mountain.
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