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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 218

Revelation given August 22, 2001
Near Comanche, Texas

Behold My son, it is imperative that you write what I shall show unto you at this time;
For there has been much discussion concerning what should be done from the proceeds from the sale of the 68 acres in Comanche;
And behold, in answer to this I shall give unto you a parable.
Behold, a man with a large family said unto each child as they grew up, "Choose what ye do in your life and work hard at it, and ye will be successful."
The oldest one chose to be a carpenter, and became successful, and by this means provided for his own welfare, and that of his family.
Another chose to be a policeman, and behold he also was able to provide for himself and family;
And yet another became a farmer, and labored many hours in the field, and he also by much labor was able to successfully provide for himself and family.
And others in his family also chose other professions, and were also successful.
Howbeit, there was one of his children, who because of a lingering illness, was exceedingly poor, and at the end of his life was unable to do the work the others in the family were able to do.
10 So the Father said unto his children, "Ye have all been successful in your professions, and this is my one child, although he has a gift, he is unable to comfortably provide for himself and his family."
11 And because of this, and because of your success, ye can help him so that he has the comforts ye have.
12 The father promised each of his sons and daughters that if they indeed helped their handicapped brother, they would not suffer hardship, but would be blessed;
13 And those who did, indeed reaped some blessings.
14 And in response to this, some did offer some help, and contributed some to his help, especially one of the daughters did come forth.
15 For this son did start his own business, but depended on others to help him accomplish this work. And the daughters did step forth to help.
16 But in spite of this promise, the men in the family said, "We are unable to help much because of our own burdens."
17 And thus they helped only in a small way.
18 So this handicapped son went before his father and said, "How is it that I am commanded to have a family, and yet I receive not a sufficient amount to provide for them?"
19 The father in sympathy, because he saw that his brothers helped him little, said unto him, "See to it that you do what I say, for ye have a little saved."
20 "Take that what you have saved, and buy certain property that I shall show unto thee, and be patient and wait; and when it increases in value, sell it and that shall be your living."
21 And the handicapped son did this, and hired some of his family to clean it up, and prepare it for sale; and promised them that when the property was sold, each would be paid accordingly.
22 Nevertheless, the handicapped son said, "My father has been an instrument, and in his wise council has given unto me a means whereby, even though unable to provide a living for myself and family by the usual means, I have been successful in this venture."
23 Because of this I will consider all that I have as my father's, and thus I will reward him for his help.
24 And when the property was cleaned and prepared, it sold at a good profit;
25 And all who were instrumental in preparing the property for sale were asked to submit their bill for the work they had performed. They each did so, and were paid.
26 So the handicapped brother said to himself, "I will again seek the advice of my father, and ask his advice in again purchasing property at a bargain, and perhaps again make a profit, so that I can continue to provide for my family." And this he did.
27 However, his brothers protested strongly, and confronted him and said, "Was it not to our understanding that because we helped you to prepare the property for sale, and we even gave some of our free time and did not charge for it, that some of the proceeds should be ours, and be shared equally, and be made available to all?"
28 "All of us have to go to work daily, and have to work very hard for what we have, and have we not worked for some of the profits from this property?"
29 Yet they said that it was not for their own personal desires that they wanted the money, but to further the father's work.
30 And thus they became indignant, saying also that the handicapped brother did not deserve to receive these funds, since he had worked but little for them-- and this was their tirade against him.
31 But behold the father came and said, "I will end this dispute, for have I not given you charge to support your disadvantaged brother, and ye have heeded this not, making only token contributions in a begrudging manner?"
32 "For your brother came before me and asked me how he could support his families in spite of his handicap, and I did give unto him, because of his pleading, and because of your slothfulness, knowledge on how he could provide somewhat for his family by way of his own efforts."
33 "And because he has been successful, instead of your rejoicing in his success, ye have become resentful."
34 "And I say unto you, how can this be, for have not ye chosen the profession you have, and have ye not by your own efforts been able to provide for your families?"
35 "Why then are you then envious of the success of your brother?" "For your brother has always put me first, for has he not always done this? For all that he has is mine."
36 "And has he not always been fair in his dealings, paying all that he has promised to pay and more?"
37 And this is the parable I promised unto you.
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