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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 219

Revelation given August 22, 2001
Near Comanche, Texas

Ye have wondered on many occasions why the Ozondah has not progressed to where it should be the means of bringing a financial base for the upbuilding of My Zion.
Behold, I gave unto you a commandment on August 22, 1993 wherein I stated that My servant David and My servant Heber should go to Phoenix and concentrate on the Gazelorem, and My servant was to take over the management of the Ozondah.
As this was not heeded, and the time passed that My servant Heber could accomplish this due to his physical weaknesses, it was still My will that My servant David pursue this course, and that My servant should comply with the management of the Ozondah.
Behold, until this is done there can be no further advancement of the Ozondah, or the Gazelorem.
For when a commandment is not acted upon, there can be no accompanying blessing or advancement.
For when I give unto you a commandment, and ye heed it not, it is due to your lack of faith; for I give no commandment unto the children of men unless I provide a means whereby they can accomplish that which I have commanded them.
And ye have lacked faith in this matter.
Therefore, ye shall go forth and again pursue these matters as I have before commanded.
Yet I will not forbid My servant from also pursuing the Gazelorem.
10 And also, I say unto you that there are some on the property designated as a place of refuge, who think and say that they have not received sufficient rewards for their efforts.
11 Yet I say unto you, have not each one of you received sufficient for your needs, yea even the food, clothing and comfortable shelter that ye have?
12 And this I have provided for you that ye be provided for in all things.
13 Yet some say they have not luxury.
14 Behold I say unto you, that I am not a God of luxury.
15 For the desire for luxury is not of Me, but of the evil one.
16 And they shall have their luxuries but yet for a short time.
Even so, Amen.
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