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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 223

Revelation given August 11, 2002
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, ye shall again take pen in hand and write down that which I shall reveal to thee by the still small voice.
For it is by this voice that My prophets receive My Word, for unless I send My servants to communicate directly, they shall receive My Word in no other manner.
And I give this gift to those who are foreordained to receive My Word in this manner.
And there are those who are wicked who desire this gift, and receive it not; but receive it from another source, and in a different manner, and are deceived.
Yet I say unto you that ye have wondered why I have used the word "dung" to describe thee on two occasions that I have revealed My Word unto thee, and behold, I did use this word to describe thee for a wise purpose.
For I your Savior did know that there would be many who would trample thee and My Word through thee, under their feet.
And how many have done this? I say unto you, have there not been a great many?
Behold, have there not been My maidservants Mildred, Opal, Heather, Cassandra, Felicity and many others?
And have there not been many men who have done the same, even my servants John, Joseph, Curtis, William, Gene and many others?
10 And have not the leaders of My church trampled thee greatly under their feet, and have influenced the whole church to follow the same path?
11 For these all have trampled thee and My word through thee thoroughly under their feet.
12 And even those that ye call your friends care not to be with thee, and heed My word through thee, not because of love for thee or Me, but because they know that if they do not they understand the consequences.
13 And there are two that when given the choice choose the sweet water instead of the strait and narrow, for they resist strongly My Spirit;
14 Yet if they thoroughly repent I will surely forgive them.
15 But if they continue to desire the sweet it shall turn as My servant John has said, bitter as gaul in their stomachs.
16 And as My servant Isaiah has said, where there is a sweet smell their shall be a stink, and where there is a fine garment there shall be a rent;
17 Behold, this prophecy has now been fulfilled, for all those who have trampled My Word and My servant under their feet shall have the smell of the dung on their feet;
18 And when they present themselves before Me at their time of judgment will not this smell betray them?
19 For the smell of their feet shall be distinct, and they shall not be able to hide it no matter how many times they shall wash them-- for they repent not.
Even so, Amen.
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