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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 224

Revelation received February 15, 2002
At Logan, Utah

Behold, ye have asked Me your Savior for knowledge and understanding, and I have given unto you that which ye have asked;
And ye have seen and bear witness that My Spirit can accomplish all things pertinent to man's salvation, if they but live My commandments, and hunger after truth and righteousness.
And these things ye shall not treat lightly, but ye shall live and do what ye have received.
And I commend My maidservant _____, for she hath taken that which I have given unto her in a serious manner, and for this she shall be blessed exceedingly, if she continues in this path.
Nevertheless, she shall be wise in all her transactions, and not be taken by the trickster, for they lie in wait to deceive;
And she shall heed the advice of her head, for he is wise in these matters, that she not lose her inheritance.
And in many ways I am pleased with the righteous efforts of My maidservants, who have come of age;
Yet they err in one thing, for they disregard the promptings of My Spirit, that I have given to them from time to time to seek after a sign and witness of My Spirit for those to whom they belong to in this life, and in the life to come.
For they have felt comfortable in neglecting this, saying that perhaps the Lord desires them to delay this matter, and in this they do err.
10 For I say unto them that if they continue to ignore these promptings further, they shall begin to be tempted, and be led astray into forbidden paths.
11 For is it not a wonder how many are led to lie and cheat and deceive, to embrace the arms of the wicked, yet treat My servants with disdain and a cold and unloving heart.
12 For it is the purpose of the adversary to present before My maidservants all the alternative choices they are faced with, even different paths of faith, enticing careers in Babylon, lustful; and beguiling men, imaginative fantasies, and even the devotion to animals;
13 For if they ignore the guidance of My servants, they shall indeed be given their hidden desires, even as My Maidservant ______ and My maidservant ______, for have I not given both of them their hidden desires?
14 For have they not chosen rags instead of the beautiful garments of the holy Priesthood, and shame instead of glory?
15 For there is no end to the imaginative inventions they employ to deceive those whom I have chosen to be My spokesmen on the earth.
16 And for this reason My servant is left to himself, yea and he has asked as to what direction he is to take;
17 For he hath not one to take seriously his welfare--
18 For it is not the calling of My maidservant Debra to do this, but it is her calling to advance the Ozondah, and look after her younger children.

19 Yet if none come forward, then the Ozondah shall be dissolved, then she could be appointed to do this, but not until.
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