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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 227

Revelation received October 27, 2002
Near Comanche, Texas

I your Savior do say unto you, that ye shall arise from thy bed and write that which I shall say unto you at this time by the still small voice, that ye may have My Guidance in what ye shall do in preparing for the calamities which shall surely come.
For certain things must be done that ye be more surely prepared.
For it is My Will that ye finish the fencing on the property in Comanche, as soon as possible, and then ye are to choose a site suitable for the building of a rammed earth or adobe home.
And ye shall build first a home for my servant David and then a home for my servant Richard, for these both have been faithful in what they have been called to accomplish.
And on each place of refuge shall be built a place for those who, by revelation, seek to keep all My Commandments, even a building wherein they shall obtain a temporary shelter in the times of the calamities.
And again, it is pleasing in My Sight that all who have committed to My Work are seeking after means whereby they may become more proficient in obtaining moneys, that ye will be able to accomplish these things, for ye must purchase many of the products and materials ye need from the Babylonian establishments that ye deal with.
And I will bless all your efforts if ye keep as your goal, the up-building of My Zion.
Yea, and I have blessed some with My Spirit to help them with the difficult parts. Yet some do resist My Spirit to their detriment.
And, I have given unto my maidservants to choose those who they desire to be their husbands for time, and have given them even signs and this is according to the promises.
10 And, if they continue to pursue these paths, I will indeed, when the time is correct confirm this with My Spirit, which is the witness.
11 And, as they were called, not by commandment, but by invitation to care for my servant , and they have chosen to give a token effort, yet for even this they shall be blessed.
12 And, if they continue to do this for the time, I will continue to bless them until such time where it be no longer necessary for their services.
13 And, because they have not received a confirming witness, my servant shall pay them in accordance with their efforts, but not less than $120 per month, for each of them, and an additional $7 per hour for time exceeding twenty hours per month.
14 For it is not meet for them to perform this work without suitable remuneration, even as my servant Heber paid those who looked after him.
15 And, as I your Savior have promised that as long as there is someone to look after the care of my servant, he shall indeed survive.
16 And have I not fulfilled My Promise in this matter?
17 But, have I not also said, that if there is none to step forward without being commanded, to fulfill this responsibility, even as my maidservant Cathy hath done so faithfully in the past, the promise is no longer in effect.
Even so, Amen.
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