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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 228

Revelation given November 15, 2002
Near Comanche, TX

It is My will that ye make My servant Alex a counselor in the World School, and this ye shall do by a proxy ordinance;
And ye shall say unto My servant Lee that he desires a marriage performed on his behalf for time and eternity because of a sign that was given to Barbara Ann.
Behold, this sign has been approved by the School, but has not been confirmed by a witness of the Spirit which would make the sign valid in the heavens;
Therefore, ye shall seal him for time only.
For the witness of the Spirit is by revelation, which must occur prior to an eternal union.
For all things that are of an eternal nature must be by revelation, for there is no other way that those of the spiritual realm can confirm their agreement with that which is done on earth, except it be by revelation.
And any ordinance performed by My servant, not confirmed by revelation is of a temporal nature, and will not be permanently recorded in the heavens.
For there has been errors in the performance of ordinances in the past, which must no longer occur.
For these ordinances are performed for the purpose of being valid throughout the eternities, and must not be treated in a light manner.
10 For even ordinances performed for time must be adhered to faithfully, and are done by My servants who are My spokesmen-- and am I not Eternal?
11 Nevertheless, a revelation may be received to perform a temporal ordinance for time, and such an ordinance shall be recorded in heaven that it may be followed to its completion.
12 For Priesthood offices are of a temporal nature, and are for a specific function for the furtherance of establishing, upbuilding and maintaining My Zion upon the earth-- that generation after generation may be taught true principles.
13 For this is the true purpose of My Priesthood, which hath no beginning or end, and which is truly eternal.
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