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2nd Book of Commandments 229

Revelation written February 27, 2003
Near Comanche, Texas

It is My will that ye be more aware of how important it is that ye carefully look after your physical body, for it was for this reason I did give unto the children of Israel many commandments that pertaineth to their living in a healthy manner.
For when a man or woman cares not for their physical body and takes into their system substances that are harmful, and food that is unhealthful, they deplete their energy in doing My will and become slothful servants.
For ye are placed on this earth to obtain a body physical that ye may progress into the eternities, and if ye endeavor with the best of your knowledge to keep it clean and healthy ye shall be rewarded in the hereafter in that your resurrection shall be pure and undefiled.
But if ye abuse what has been given to you, and heed, not only the commandments I have given, but heed not other knowledge that has been placed in abundance before you by the media now available; do not think that thy resurrection shall be equal to those that make every effort to live My commandments, and heed all other knowledge that will increase their physical and intellect.
For has it not been said that ye shall reap what ye sow?
For this not only applies to the mental, emotional and spiritual, but also to the physical.
For if one extends his life by living in a wise manner will he not then be able to accomplish more in My name-- even to extend by deed and example, love, charity and kindness to those of their friends and associates?
Likewise, those that choose the opposite shall set an example of lust, greed and hate; for each man has this choice.
For there are those among you that know what is correct, yet heed not, and thus they shall not receive the reward in the resurrection that they expect. For what we do with the physical body shall be reflected in the resurrection.
10 For some work for Babylon and perform their labors with excellence, yet when they work for Me they are slothful and care little that they be circumspect.
11 They work for Babylon for that which gives them their material possessions, yet they care not for the Eternal possession that they receive from Me their Savior.
12 For I give unto you a parable, which a few of you are already familiar with, for a wealthy entrepreneur in the responsibility of his profession traveled much. And in his absence he left his trusted servants to care for his possessions.
13 In his absence the women would get together and prepare a large banquet in which they all would indulge lavishly in food and beverage.
14 And when the great man returned they would gather together the leftovers and prepare a meal for him.
15 He was always grateful and expressed his thankfulness to them for preparing such a good meal for him on his return-- as this went on for some time without his knowledge that what was prepared for him was just the leftovers from a much more lavish banquet.
16 Yet on one occasion he returned unexpectedly, in that communications were not working that he could warn them in advance of his return, and found them celebrating with a large banquet.
17 And since it was his food and beverage they were enjoying he asked them as to what the occasion was.
18 And one of his newer employees who was not schooled in the deception came forward and told him that this type of banquet occurred quite frequently, and that when he returned the leftovers would be prepared for him to partake of-- making him believe that they had prepared such fare for him alone.
19 Because of what he heard he was saddened greatly, for now because of this knowledge he could not reward them as he had thought to.
20 And those who participated in this deceit were totally ashamed, and begged his forgiveness.
21 And he indeed forgave them, but since they could no longer be trusted they did not receive the rewards they could have, had they been faithful in their stewardships.
22 For they placed themselves as greater than their master, and gave unto their master the leftovers.
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