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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 23

Revelation received March, 1972
At Trail, British Columbia, Canada

Behold I say unto you, write not that which you are about to write, for it is of your own effort and not Mine, therefore it is subject to error.
I command therefore that thou will take pen in hand and ye shall write what I shall show to thee so that error shall not enter into the matter.
Behold My lips do speak, and they speak no error, for error and deceit cometh from the father of all lies, but oft times I speak in parables and with difficult language so that those who have not the Spirit understandeth not.
But My words vary not, neither is their deceit in My mouth.
Ye have come before Me in humility many times requesting that I reveal unto you the truth of the mysteries of My kingdom, and you have sacrificed much on My behalf and for My sake.
But I say unto you, nothing that ye have sacrificed shall be lost.
Fear not for your health, for Mine angels shall protect thee and keep thee until thy mission is completed.
Fear not thine enemies, for they are but dust and shall be blown with the first wind.
Sin no more lest the adversary take thee to himself.
10 Your time has not yet come, but yet for awhile.
11 Your desires have been to know the truth of all things, and thus I shall reveal unto you some more of the works of My hands, and the nature and means whereby I created all things.
12 Ye shall take these things that I cause thee to write and shall print them, and shall give to all those that shall listen, and they shall know the truth and they shall shout for joy.
13 But those who shall reject these sayings, their countenance shall fall, for their works shall be exposed, for their lips speaketh lies.
14 And they say unto My people, "Yea, all is well, all is well in Zion, for God surely speaks to us, and the works we do are His works."
15 Yea, and ye continue on in your own paths and distort the function of My holy Priesthood, and make a mockery of the holy offices.
16 But My house shall shortly be cleansed.
17 Ye say that ye know Me but ye know Me not, for how can ye know Me while ye understand not who I am?
18 For I am Jehovah, and through the atonement of the blood that I shed, all mankind were saved in My kingdom if they repented of their sins and were baptized and received the Holy Ghost and remained faithful, living all My commandments to the end.
19 This is the law and the testament.
20 Behold I say unto you, many were faithful in keeping all the commandments which I gave to them, and were worthy of Eternal Lives, and became like unto God.
21 For they did qualify themselves by their righteousness to clothe the intelligences that were given to them with a spiritual body.
22 There were many great and powerful among them, and the firstborn of these spirits was the Savior of the world.
23 Yea, I did surely promise these faithful, and it was fulfilled, that their children would be as numerous as the sands of the seashore or as the stars of the heavens.
24 And behold I say unto you, that Abraham did marvel at these sayings, yet he believed, and because of his belief I revealed unto him the mysteries of My kingdom, even from the first unto the last.
25 For these numerous children I prepared an earth, and organized an habitation for them, for this is the function of this order of Priesthood, to organize and prepare all things both spiritually and temporally.
26 And all the children of Michael shouted for joy because of the agency that had been given to them to choose the plan of salvation, or the plan of compulsion which is the plan of the adversary.
27 For the adversary came among these spirits, for he had lived on this earth and had become even Master Mahan, and tried continually to thwart the works of God.
28 For he was resurrected as all flesh must be that is born, but not unto glory, for he has no glory, for his works are totally evil.
29 Thus he came among Michael's children tempting them, and teaching his evil ways until one-third of Michael's children heeded him and followed after him, and he drew these after him.
30 And even one of Michael's eldest spirit children, (for was he not called, "The Son of the Morning"?) rebelled because his plan of compulsion was not accepted.
31 Behold here is wisdom, for the Firstborn presented His plan, and He being the Heir became the Savior, even the Christ or Redeemer.
32 What glory and magnitude are the works of the Father, and who shall find them out?
33 Behold, to those who live all My commandments I do reveal My secrets for they are worthy.
34 Behold I am Jehovah, and under the direction of My Father this earth was created, for it was created like unto the other earths that hitherto were previously formed.
35 And behold by the power of My word it was created, for all things that are created, both in the heavens and in the earth, are created by this word, or by the power of the Priesthood after the order of the Son, or after the order of Jehovah.
36 And thus the earth was organized and prepared as a habitation of men that they may be clothed with tabernacles of flesh and become as a God, for such are the Gods.
37 For were not the promises fulfilled in which I promised Michael that if he were faithful he should be resurrected and receive Eternal Lives?
38 And thus it was fulfilled, for he did become a God, and along with his wives which were given to him, was able to accomplish that which was commanded.
39 And thus he was placed in the garden and commanded that he should multiply and replenish the earth.
40 But behold he could not, for his body being of the Celestial could not bring forth physical bodies.
41 And in order for him to accomplish this thing, there was placed in the garden the tree of knowledge, which fruit would cause a change to come over his body that would enable him to clothe these spiritual children in a physical body.
42 And thus he would become the father of all living.
43 Oh what wisdom there is in all that God doeth, and who can find out all His ways?
44 To those that live all My commandments I reveal the mysteries of My kingdom.
45 But in order to accomplish all things he must die, and in order to do this, according to the order of heaven, he must be disobedient.
46 Therefore, I commanded him that he not partake of the fruit of the tree, knowing that he must be disobedient to this commandment in order for him to accomplish the greater commandment.
47 And it was Eve that understood first, and partook of the fruit, and again became subject to death.
48 And Adam heeded her counsel and partook also, and thus their bodies became again subject to a physical separation of body and spirit.
49 And thus he was able to accomplish that which was commanded him to multiply and replenish the earth.
50 But he was cut off from My presence physically because of the fruit and spiritually because of his disobedience.
51 And thus he was cast out of the garden, for the law clearly states that no unclean thing can enter into My presence lest it be consumed by My glory.
52 And thus he became unclean and unfit for the habitation of a heavenly sphere, and would have remained forever in this state had not a plan been devised for the atonement of that sin, even the Savior.
53 And I promised him that in that day that he should partake of that fruit that he should surely die, and it was fulfilled, for his death came before the thousand years of his probation.
54 For in that day I called him Adam, for I changed his name from Michael to that of Adam, which being interpreted means, "The father of the children of all men."
55 And thus he died, and his body separated from his spirit as in the death of any, but here is mysteries unfolded.
56 Behold I say unto you, that his body is not corrupted, for it is Eternal, and it lies in a sacred place until he shall be finished with his work and take up his body again, and the Holy Ghost be taken from the earth.
57 For is He not the Holy Ghost, and careth for and loveth His children, and is their Comforter?
58 For what is the purpose of the Father? To be a Comforter to His children, to teach them and guide them, and to speak unto them all manner of Truth, for is He not the Spirit of Truth?
59 And He shall gather His children together in the valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahman and require of each of them their stewardship.
60 Yea, what say ye when ye stand before Him, can ye then lie?
61 For did He not as the Holy Ghost witness all your works and doings?
62 Then shall ye bend the knee and acknowledge the Savior, for is He not the Firstborn of Michael in the spirit, and the Only Begotten Son of Jehovah in the flesh, for is He not Mine Only Begotten?
63 For did not the Spirit of Adam encompass Mary round about to protect her from My glory so that she would not be consumed by My presence?
64 For is He not Mine Only Begotten in the flesh, full of grace and truth, and did He not do the same works as His Father?
65 For as I, Jehovah, suffered, bled, and died for the sins of the children of My Father, so He suffered, bled, and died for the sins of the children of your Father.
66 All that I suffered, He suffered likewise, and thus fulfilled all things and became the perfect sacrifice, enabling all to be resurrected.
67 For He broke the bands of death for all of Adam's children.
68 And to those who truly repent and are baptized in His name, acknowledging Him as the Savior, and are faithful in all things to the end, the promise is that they shall inherit Eternal Lives, and shall not be angels but Gods, and thus God's purposes are one eternal round.

69 What say ye then of the doctrines of men which say that Adam or Eloheim is the Father of the Savior?
70 For this is the adversary's doctrine to confuse the children of men.
71 Behold, the leaders of My church, and the leaders of My Priesthood have shortly corrupted this doctrine.
72 For I revealed these things unto My servants Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and others of My holy prophets, but I commanded them that they should speak in parables so that seeing they should not see, and hearing they should not hear, lest they should see and hear and understand and be converted.
73 But I command at this time that My promise be fulfilled that in the last days all things shall be made manifest that even a child can therein understand--for this purpose, that the wicked be exposed and the righteous be justified.
74 What say ye now ye leaders of My church? Will ye mock My servants longer? For ye stand naked and exposed.
75 Repent even now, and thou shalt be forgiven.
76 But Adam shall not always strive with his children--
77 Behold, hath He not labored diligently with them and succored them?
78 Behold, did He not speak through the mouth of Peter on the day of Pentecost, and did He not appear in the form of a dove to witness the divinity of the Savior?
79 Was He not the One who opened the heavens to Stephen so that he could view the Father and Jesus on His right hand?
80 And did He not also encompass Mary to shield her from My glory?
81 Behold here is wisdom, for are ye not commanded to do all things in the name of the Father (Eloheim), the Son (Jehovah), and the Holy Ghost (Michael)?

82 And again I cause ye to write some more, for it has been said that the Savior of this world created it also.
83 Behold I say unto you, this is error, for how can the spirit create?
84 For the Savior was in the spirit world along with the other children of Adam and how therefore could He create?
85 For He received grace unto grace, and did not receive this power at the first, but received it after He fulfilled all things.
86 For they understood not that I being Jehovah was also a Savior of a world, and fulfilled all things, and the Savior being My Son was in the express image of My Person, and had to accomplish all things that I accomplished.
87 For He suffered as I suffered, and bled as I bled, and died as I died, and overcame all things as I overcame all things, and to those who are true and faithful hath the power of the Son to create worlds without end, thus becoming both the Father and the Son.
88 Thus it is written.
Even so, Amen.
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