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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 230

Revelation received May 21, 2003
Near Comanche, Texas

My son. Ye shall take pen in hand and write that which I shall say unto you at this time, for there are many questions that ye have as to which direction ye shall go--
And as to whether ye shall place that property in Comanche for sale, even the place of refuge ye have established;
For I your Lord am well pleased with your efforts, nevertheless, after these many years there have been none that have stepped forward to help thee, and who have cared to be part of the work ye have accomplished in My name.
Therefore, it will not be against My will that ye continue to prepare it that it will be enticing for someone to purchase it, to establish it, that it will be a profitable venture for them; for ye have developed it in a wise manner.
Nevertheless, ye shall not let it go for naught, but shall ask a sizable amount.

And behold, from this time forth ye shall send the minutes of your Thursday meeting to all School counselors that they be informed of all the works and decisions that ye make from time to time;
For ye shall send them to these my counselors, even Robert2, Eugene, and Alex;
For these are My counselors who cannot participate in the meetings, yet they must be informed on a regular basis of the School's and the Work's happenings;
And I am well pleased with My servant Eugene , for he has contributed much.
10 For this ye shall do, ye shall give unto him for an Eternal inheritance one half-acre plot in Stone Mountain, which ye shall begin to establish as a place of refuge;
11 For at the present it is clear from financial encumbrances.
12 And ye shall endeavor to purchase other lands adjacent to it, that it may have room to expand into a large area, that possibly may accommodate a large company.
13 And ye shall keep these things to yourself, that the adversary not trip you up in your efforts.
14 And as to your circumstances, ye shall not do as ye had thought, even to go to Canada and perhaps establish a place of refuge there;
15 But I say unto you that ye shall instead put all your efforts into completing the work to do on the Comanche property;
16 Even finishing and repairing all fencing surrounding the property, and repair and fix each mobile home, including the office, that it be presentable for sale.
17 And ye shall add onto the Annex as ye had thought.
18 And thus ye shall speed up and prepare the property, and all the money that is spent shall be kept track of, and be repaid at the time of the sale.
19 And as to the Logan property, ye shall not sell it at the present time, but shall continue to beautify it, that it be a pleasant abiding place for my servants and maidservants.
Even so, Amen.
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