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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 231

Revelation received July 30, 2003
Near Comanche, Texas

It is My will that ye write down that which I shall say unto thee at this time;
For it is important that these things shall be made known, and made plain, that they cannot say that My servant Joseph Smith sinned in taking the wives he did.
For he took none except that I commanded him, for I did give unto him many, for was he not worthy?
Yet many he did marry for eternity only, and these were given unto others for time-- and in none of this did he sin.
For many he did marry for eternity remained with the men they had married for time, and some were married for time to others at a later date, that none would be left destitute.
And behold, few understood this principle, and accused My servant of all manner of wickedness.
Yet in all these things he sinned not, for they were of Me.
And few have understood these principles, and the principle was abandoned.
For a woman can be sealed by revelation to a man for all eternity, yet she can be married to another for time;
10 Nevertheless, the children she bears shall belong to the man she is sealed to for eternity.
11 Behold, this is a plain and clear principle, for these children shall be his if they choose and accept the truth, and live My commandments.
12 And again I say unto you, that no man shall take unto himself wives if they have no means to support them;
13 For whoso doeth this is an infidel, and none need think that such men that provide not for their own shall receive them in the eternities.
14 For if a man marry and have issue, and he at first is able to provide for them, and because of injury or health is no longer able to provide for them, then if he has lived a righteous life, he may look to other sources to help him, and he shall be justified.
15 But if a man take wives without revelation and confirmation of the Spirit, and father children with no thought of how he is to provide for them, and relies on other sources to provide for them, they are not his, neither the wives nor the children;
16 For they shall be given to others, and not belong to these arrogant men in the eternities.
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