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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 232

Revelation received February 20, 2004
Near Comanche, Texas

Behold My son, You are concerned in a serious manner as to the choices those that are around you are making;
For they focus entirely on their own aggrandizement, not caring for, or remembering covenants that they have entered into coming into this work, citing the principle of free agency;
For they have confused free agency with self-will.
For the covenants they have made along the way, were every one, made of their "own free will and choice."
In making these covenants they willingly gave up the choices of having the right to commit certain sins, and break certain laws.
In utilizing their free agency in taking these covenants, they gave up their agency to willingly commit sins.
Thus it is then the case that if they again begin to willingly rebel and commence again to commit sin, it has nothing to do with free agency.
For have not I your Savior said that those that follow this path are likened to a dog that returns to his vomit?
And have not, those who have taken their covenants further, been informed that those who willingly follow this path shall automatically lose their free agency to choose-- for the adversary will have immediate claim on them, as the covenant promises?
10 Behold my son, ye then can see that I have taken from My church My Priesthood wherein baptisms and all other ordinances performed by those who once held My Priesthood are no longer valid.
11 And why are they no longer valid? Because those who step forward are no longer required to have faith in Me their Savior, nor repent totally of their sins;
12 And thus they make the ordinance invalid, and such a covenant is no longer considered in the heavens.
13 Nevertheless, the sin lieth not on their heads, but on the heads of those who say "I have the Priesthood to perform this ordinance", and have not.
14 For they have become as the Church of the Gentiles, without works.
15 Which works are the keeping of My commandments.
16 And even at this time there are those who have begun to investigate this work, and even those among you, who desire to change that which has been given to the children of men by the revelations given to the prophets;
17 And behold, it is because they desire to have their own views and desires adopted as truth;
18 And this because of the Gentile blood that flows through their veins, which causes them to desire to sidestep the works required to enter My Kingdom.
19 And it is for this reason I have called those whom I have called, that perhaps even a few accept the truth and begin to repent and hear My voice.
20 The time is now ripe for the harvest to be gathered, for when the winnowing shall begin, then the whirlwind shall commence, and few there be that shall survive that day.
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