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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 234

Revelation received October 13, 2005
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, there is one thing that ye shall convey unto My people at this time.
For I have given unto them commandments that they have not yet fully complied with, and I have placed before them doctrines that they have not fully implemented;
Therefore, I shall give unto them no further light and knowledge at this time.
Nevertheless, they shall not be cut off, because of their efforts and strivings.
And if they continue to do so I will continue to instruct them and be a guide unto them.
Yet they must understand that the things they intend to do must be followed by evidence, even works-- and this without complaint or resentment, but with a happy and joyful heart.
Otherwise it is not an acceptable sacrifice before Me.
Even so, Amen!
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