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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 236

Revelation received April 4, 2006
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, ye shall take pen in hand and write that which shall come by the still small voice, for it is important that some things shall be made straight;
For many have found fault with My servant Lee, for during his life he has made many wrong decisions;
Nevertheless, he has stayed faithful to the truths that ye have received from Me, your Savior-- supporting My servant on several occasions.
And in spite of his many weaknesses, he has supported thee in the arrangement of the Eastland property being placed in your name, which resulted in obtaining sufficient money to purchase the additional land at Stone Mountain.
And is this not now being considered a place of refuge for the righteous?
And for this reason is it not just to reward him proportionately by giving unto him a lot on the refuge in Comanche, which shall be an eternal inheritance unto him if he is faithful in keeping My commandments from this time forth.
And it is correct that My servant David do all in his power to prevent pollution upon My holy place; for those who are worthy to reside thereon must have a true heart, and not to have a resentful and hateful attitude towards those whom I have chosen to be My representatives upon the earth;
Nevertheless, he must not be too harsh, and have mercy and compassion, even unto the widow and orphan, destitute and down-trodden; for those that follow a harsh path shall lose the guidance of My Spirit in so doing.
Even so, Amen.
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