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2nd Book of Commandments 237

Revelation received April 28, 2006
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, ye have asked Me your Savior the reason for the principle of adoption, and why it was held in such importance in the early church.
Behold I your Savior do say unto you, that the reason why the principle of adoption was so important was due to the principle of continuance;
For when this principle is performed in the correct manner, it solves one of the great problems that is now rampant in this nation.
For it is important that when a brother dies, and he leaves a widow and perhaps issue, that his brother take this woman and raise up issue to his departed brother;
And in addition take care of the needs of her and her children--
This only if she was not totally alienated from him, and if she was indeed the true blood of Israel, and received a true sign and witness for him.
However, if it occurred that there was no brother, it would be imperative that her husband's father adopt an acceptable son of the same tribe, and she then would be placed with this man to raise up children and care for the needs of his wife and children.
This could only be accomplished by the promptings and witness of the Spirit, and thus in this manner all would be cared for among My people.
And other adoptions can take place as before indicated, so that all My people have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers;
10 And in this manner all my people would be cared for in a proper manner, and not be left destitute.
11 This principle was understood by My early apostles, both in the early church and also in My later church, but because of the abandonment of the New and Everlasting covenant of marriage by My church, this most sacred and necessary part of My Gospel was also abandoned.
12 However, it was the intention of My servants at the head of My church at the time of My servant Wilford Woodruff to reinstate this principle after the State of Utah was established.
13 However, after his passing this was never done, and thus My holy principle of adoption was abandoned also;
14 As when the one principle was abandoned, there was no further need for this principle to exist.
15 Thus, the principle of the New and Everlasting covenant of marriage, the law of continuance, and the law of adoption fell into disuse and were abandoned by My church.
16 Behold, I your Savior do say unto you these laws all must be lived and lived correctly for My servants to receive the eternal rewards thereof.
17 For they exist together, for one is not without the other.
18 Behold, woe unto those who have corrupted the laws I have given unto mankind, for their eternal salvation shall be taken from them;
19 Just as in the case of the near kinsman of Boaz, wherein his near kinsman's inheritance became his.
20 Behold, I again say unto you, that My law is simple and fair, why then do men live it not?
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