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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 238

Revelation received December 12, 2003
Near Comanche, Texas

My son. Ye are consistently being bombarded with questions concerning the status of each individual who is now participating, or contemplating entering the work of the Kingdom,
And I say unto you, ye shall say unto them that if they read diligently My word through My prophets I have sent they will find an acceptable answer to the questions they ask;
However, few have conviction enough to seek this path, for they are steeped in idleness and self-gratification; and spend many, many hours in entertaining themselves with the marvels of the day-- where they enjoy participation by association rather than by the actual performance.
Thus they feel that the gospel can be obtained in a similar manner, without the works.
Behold, I your Savior do say unto you My word is the same as in times past, for there is no change-- for all must come in by the strait gate, even by repentance and the turning away of the evil they are doing, and doing it no longer.
But first having a faith in the redemption I have offered and suffered for.
And after they have accomplished this with a sincere heart and contrite spirit, must be baptized by one in authority, and who has been called of God by revelation.
Then their sins are forgiven and not until.
And then, if they approach Me their Savior with a broken heart and contrite spirit I will give unto them the continual guidance of the Spirit, even the Spirit of Truth, even the Holy Ghost.
10 None of this can be accepted when there is no sincerity, or with the attitude that this is all that is required of them, and no other works are necessary.
11 For there is great lethargy in the nation wherein their attitude is to gain blessings without the required works.
12 And few who seek baptism receive the Spirit of Truth, for they have not complied seriously with the requirements needed to obtain the forgiveness of their sins;
13 Consequently the Spirit of Truth cannot attend them, because it can only attend those who have washed their sins clean by accepting the atonement of the Savior and completely shedding their sins by the process of repentance-- for the Spirit of Truth cannot dwell in an unclean vessel.
14 After this their continual striving is required to have the attendance of the Spirit on a continual basis.
15 No one who is not willing to comply completely with these requirements can qualify to receive this great gift.
16 For the receiving of the Gift of the Holy Ghost is the greatest gift a person can receive, for it truly guides them into a path leading to Eternal Lives.
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