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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 239

Revelation received July 2004
Near Comanche, Texas

And I say unto you My son that ye are no longer required to counsel My servants and maidservants, for they have chosen My servant David;
And from this time forth they shall seek to him for their guidance.
And there is none to care for thee.
And because of this ye shall return to Canada as ye have before desired; and if ye so desire, ye shall build up a place of refuge there.
And the two places in the United States ye shall leave in the hands of My servants Richard and David.
And it will be their responsibility to build them up and prepare them as I have commanded.
And ye shall perhaps sell the property ye now own in the United States on the property in Texas to those who desire with all their hearts to do and keep My commandments-- sincerely taking the United Order covenants.
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