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2nd Book of Commandments 24

Revelation received February 11, 1975
At Vulcan, Alberta Canada
In the Home of the Prophet's Mother
Containing the Parable of the Pear Tree

The Spirit of the LORD came upon the Prophet in the eleventh day of the second month of the year 1975 and spoke unto him saying:
Take pen in hand and write that which I will show unto thee, for thou shalt prophesy unto this people as in times past, even unto all the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from the greatest to the least, that they may know My will saith the LORD.
And those who shall not heed My word shall not find an inheritance in My kingdom. For how can ye dwell in a kingdom that ye are not prepared for?
For if ye soften not your hearts like unto a little child how then can ye receive instruction?
For a child taketh instruction from his parents that he be not ignorant.
How then shall ye not humble thyself and take instruction from your Father in Heaven, and be not ignorant of your pathway to Eternal Life, and live?
For I say unto thee, the whole of My church called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hath gone out of the way and there are but few that doeth good and humbleth themselves before Me.
For many false doctrines and false ordinances have been set up by the hands of men in My church which are an abomination unto Me saith the LORD, which shortly shall be hewn down.
For I have commanded many things in My book the Doctrine and Covenants which ye heed not, and because of priestcrafts among you, you have caused My church to be led out of the way.
10 And many of the covenants ye now perform before Me are not valid, for they are based upon false promises and crooked doctrine.
11 What say ye of the temple ordinances that ye perform before Me, are they valid?
12 Behold I say unto thee, how can they be valid when ye have desecrated My most holy places and have changed Mine holy ordinances to salve the minds of the people?
13 And the covenants ye cause to be made ye forbid to be kept, and ye persecute those who endeavor to keep all My commandments, and this ye have done to please the world.
14 For I have commanded you in the revelations I gave unto you through My servant Joseph Smith that if a husband committeth adultery after he and his wife have been sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise and he lieth with someone who hath been sealed to another, he hath lost his Priesthood and the covenants he has entered into are null and void, for he hath broken them.
15 And the woman who is innocent and her children are therefore free, for the law is no more binding on them.
16 And have I not commanded thee to take her and give her unto him that hath not committed adultery but hath been faithful? For he shall be made ruler over many.
17 But ye have not done this, but have set aside this commandment like as if it never was, for ye understand not the sin ye cause to be committed by not keeping this commandment, for if she stay with her husband he shall raise up children like unto himself, and he hath no Priesthood for he hath lost it through sin; and if ye cut not this man off from My church ye cause My church to be polluted.
18 And if ye give not this woman unto a righteous man ye cause her to go away and seek after another to sustain her, and thus she is led unto temptation and strange flesh.
19 And ye cause her children to grow up like unto the children of the world.
20 And because ye keep not this commandment ye cause the innocent to sin, and My whole church has become polluted with false tradition and beliefs concerning this thing.
21 Consider also the welfare program ye have set up to take care of the poor among you, which ye pride yourself in and set before the world as a light, and which ye boast of your righteousness in: it is before My face an abomination, for it abaseth the poor and exalteth the rich.
22 For ye claim ye make it so that the rich participate in it to the same extent as the poor. But ye know that this is not true, for ye know that the poor participate in it to a far greater extent than the rich, for the poor help the poor, and thus it has been from the beginning.
23 But I say unto thee, if the rich and all those to whom I have given an abundance of wealth do not humble themselves before Me and consecrate all their surplus property unto Me from this time forth they shall lose even that which they have, for I shall take it from them saith the Lord of Hosts.
24 For they muffle the walls of their mansions that they hear not the sorrow of the widow and orphan, for Mine anger is kindled in a double portion for the sins of this people pertaining to the laws of marriage.
25 For they heed not the commandments given to them in My holy book and in the Doctrine and Covenants, for they fear men and have feared men from the beginning.
26 Because of their disobedience in this matter they have caused generations of My most precious spirits to be brought up in sin, for the widow and the orphan have had to seek to strangers for their sustenance which has brought them into the depths of sin, wherein the sin lieth not at their door, but at the door of the cowards at the head of My church who fight not the laws of this land that forbid these things.
27 For they seeketh after the glory of the world and seek to gain prestige in politics, and delight in the honor and glory of their position.
28 Behold, if they repent not I shall break down their defenses of self-righteousness, and scatter their armies of hypocrisy, and shall expose before this people their cowardice.
29 And if they repent not in sackcloth and ashes, saith the LORD, I shall raise up men in their places that shall do My bidding, and the evil shall know the wrath of Mine anger, for I shall not allow My name to be mocked before the nations of the earth any longer; and I shall cleanse Mine house with the whip of My tongue.
30 But ye cry out, "We look after our Poor!" I say unto you, ye are whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones.
31 Do ye take your brother's widow to wife to raise up a righteous generation unto him? I say unto you that ye do not! Ye do not this, not because the law forbids you to do it, for I have caused that the laws of this land in these matters are of none effect and neither can they bind thee, but ye keep not these commandments because ye want to appear before the world as righteous and honorable men.
32 And ye cast them from you, those that would seek to keep this law, for that which was once sacred in My house has become as dung.
33 O how foolish are the laws of men that cause the innocent to sin, and how wise are the laws of God that bring salvation and exaltation to the poor and innocent.
34 Among Mine ancient covenant people I caused that those who would not keep this law should be cast from the congregation that they could no longer stand in the place of honor, neither could they hold office in My Priesthood if they kept not this law.
35 I say unto you, this law I revoke not and never can revoke, for I am a just God and honor the widow and the orphan and the destitute.
36 For ye cause these widows of Mine honorable servants to seek after strangers for the continuance of their posterity, and My Spirit grieveth much over this thing.
37 And I say unto thee, if ye repent not immediately concerning this matter, ye shall receive the same cursing as Cain, for ye commit the same sin as he, for he cut off the posterity of Abel his brother, and do ye not do the same thing?
38 I who am a just God cannot allow this sin to go unpunished.
39 Repent every one of you, even now, from the greatest to the least, for not one of you shall be found guiltless at the last day if ye repent not.
40 Your minds have become darkened like unto those of old, for ye heed not My commandments nor listen to My servants, but ye set yourselves up leaders who placate the senses, that seek not the truth in righteousness, nor My will, but seek only after the praises of the people and the world.

41 Yes, I shall liken My church unto a pear tree which the Lord of the vineyard left in the hands of his servants to care for; and his servants neglected the tree and the watersprouts grew immensely and sapped up the strength of the tree that it bare but little fruit, and that which it did bare was small, withered and of little worth unto Me.
42 And My servants, being fearful of the world, cut not off the branches that were dead, for they feared that they would be criticized in this thing, and they allowed these branches to stay.
43 And these branches took of the strength of My tree and prevented new and good wood from being formed, and they have cluttered up My tree with unprofitable wood.
44 And again My servants have neglected My tree in that they gouged not out to the good wood the rotten and cankered parts, and have drained them not; and the rotten and cankered spots have spread and have caused serious damage to My tree.
45 What shall the Lord of the vineyard do? For he beholdeth his tree and it perisheth for lack of care; and the Lord of the vineyard lamenteth the condition of His tree.
46 I say unto thee, because My servants neglected My tree in the midst of My vineyard, they shall be chastened with a sore chastening, for they esteemeth the praise of the world of more value than My word.
47 And they distort My word and My commandments and change them to conform to their own liking, to please their sensual desires, for they care not for the widow and the orphan, and build not unto their brother branches, but build up their own estates.
48 I say unto you, that unless they repent even now, I shall pluck up both their root and branch, and they shall be left desolate, and in Mine anger shall I do it, saith the LORD.
49 And what say ye of My tree? For My heart pineth for My tree, that it is left in such poor condition.
50 For I am determined that it shall not be hewn down, for there are yet many good branches remaining that would yet yield much fruit if these things that clutter up My tree were removed.
51 Yea, what say ye that I shall send My servant, and I shall endow him with My Spirit, and the wicked he shall expose, and they shall not stand, and they shall gnash their teeth in anger, and their anger shall eat them up.
52 For I am the Lord God Almighty, and My words shall not be mocked.
53 And My Servant whom I shall send shall take the ladder and the pruning saw, and he shall saw off all the watersprouts that reach even to the uttermost parts of My tree.
54 And what a great noise and commotion they shall make when they fall; and as they fall they shall scrape against the good branches and the dead and rotten branches that are near the bottom of the tree.
55 And the weak and the faithless they shall take with them to be gathered together in bundles to be burned, for the branches of the watersprouts have grown exceedingly wide, and great shall be their fall.
56 And again, I shall call upon My Servant and he shall take in hand the saw and the axe and lop off the dead and rotten branches that they no longer prevent new wood from growing and bearing good fruit, and he shall again take pruning shears in hand, and prune off the cross branches, those that overlap each other, to set in order My church that confusion reigneth not. And he shall prune even the weakest branch and leave the stronger.
57 And he shall take the axe and gouger, and he shall axe away and gouge out all the rotten and cankered spots down to the good wood, and place on their wounds a healing salve; and he shall use the drill, and he shall drain the spots where mold may form from the collection of stagnant water.
58 Neither shall he overlook any part of My tree, for he shall thoroughly prune it that it may shine forth in all its beauty, and from this time forth it will gain strength and bare an abundance of fruit in the season thereof.
59 And the fruit shall be beautiful for the eye to behold; and thus I shall cause My pear tree to be cleansed, and the debris that shall fall around its base I shall call My servants that they will gather it up in armfuls and carry it to the pit to be burned, that the debris from the cleansing of My tree no longer clutter up My vineyard.
60 And thus I shall cause My tree to be pruned for the last time; and thus it shall stand as an Ensign to the world.
61 Behold, ye have before thee the parable of the pear tree, and who understandeth the interpretation thereof?
62 Behold, I your Savior am the Lord of the vineyard, the pear tree is My church, the keepers of the tree are the heads of My church and all those who hold offices of responsibility in My church.
63 The watersprouts are those in the church who seek to raise up their own kingdom, and not Mine, saith the LORD, who build unto themselves fortunes and possessions for their own aggrandizement and seek not to build up My kingdom.
64 Their hearts are upon the glories of men, and they seek after positions in politics, not to help rectify the crooked law, but for their own glory.
65 They seek their names and images in print and in the lights, and their hearts are puffed up, and when I send prophets among them they say that only they have the power of prophecy.
66 And to what use do they put this power? They use it to prophesy lies unto this people, and they have done away with this office in My church, for is it not an office in My church, and has been even from the beginning?
67 And they have destroyed this office from among them as they did in olden times, and they bring about their own destruction.
68 For have I not said that I will speak to My church through the prophets I shall raise up? And they shall not be raised up by the hand of man; and ye have not understood this, but ye have raised up unto yourselves prophets, seers, and revelators who neither prophesy nor see My will, for they prophesy not themselves, neither do they allow others to prophesy.
69 And the revelations they claim come from Me are from the evil one, and they know this, but they seek to hide this from the people by doing away with the real prophets whom I have sent.
70 And what have My people done? They have followed after the false prophets because of their cunning speech and great wealth and glory, the same as in ages past.
71 O how foolish are the hearts of men who seeketh glory in empty words.
72 And they seek to destroy the true prophets and close their mouths, those who have communion with Me and My Spirit, for fear that these prophets will expose them in their deceits and priestcrafts which bind the hearts of the people with fear and great fetters.
73 For ye say falsely to them that only the head of My church can receive revelation from Me for the body of My church.
74 Behold this is a lie, for not even the head of My church can receive revelation from Me if he keep not My commandments, and anyone either rich or poor, who keeps My commandments and fears not men and what they can do, who seek after wisdom from Me shall find it, and it shall be opened unto them by My Spirit, and I cannot withhold this from them if they be worthy.
75 For not only men can have this gift, but women also if they follow and obey their husbands in all things, and their husbands obey the LORD in all things, for this is the law and the pattern.
76 And when anyone I have called raises up his voice, ye seek to excommunicate him from My church and discredit his testimony, and make up lies concerning his character, so that his word may not be heard among this people that perhaps even one of them repent.
77 For ye damn My servants, and make light of their word, and ye cause them much affliction, and cast them out from your midst and make it so that they even have difficulty in obtaining a living for their families.
78 This ye do disregarding your own laws in these matters. Ye protect not the rights of the righteous, but exalt the wicked.
79 Behold, ye teach them that unless they belong to My church they cannot enter into My kingdom. Behold, if the vessel was clean this would be the case, but My church is full of filth and must needs be cleansed, and I shall shortly cause this work to be commenced.
80 For unless My church repents they all shall likewise perish. For if My church and those at the head of My church seek to destroy one who is righteous, they have become like unto the Pharisees of old, hypocrites, whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones.
81 For ye have not cut off from My church the hypocrite, but ye have caused him to become your leader; and ye have not cut off the whoremonger, nor the adulterer, nor the molester of little children, nor the thief, nor the one who covets; neither have ye cut off the deceiver, and the one who bears false witness, neither the liar have ye cast from you, nor the murderer of little children in the womb, nor those who prevent spirit children from entering into the world; and it is just as well that they do this, for they would raise up these children, but not unto Me.
82 And ye have caused My tree to be cluttered with unprofitable wood, or in other words, those that bring forth but poor and corrupt fruit.
83 And ye have caused it to become weak, that even the good branches bring forth fruit small, withered, and of poor quality, and of little worth unto Me.
84 For ye cut not off the drunkard from amongst you, but ye allow him to pollute My kingdom, for are all these not the dead branches that cumbereth My tree, and cause the strength to be drawn from it?
85 How then can I not weep for My tree? For ye prune not the cross branches, but ye allow them to grow and nourish and encourage them.
86 For are not the cross branches those offices ye have set up in My church which are not of Me? For ye set these offices up that are not after the order of heaven, like unto the abominations of old.
87 For ye set up offices called: Assistants to the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, which offices you have made like unto the office of the Twelve.
88 For you understand not the order of heaven in these matters, and you have done away with other offices, even the office of stake bishop, and his counselors if he not be of the lineage of Aaron.
89 And ye have done away with the office of prophet, and ye have persecuted those I have sent, and silenced them, and have cast them out.
90 Ye have also distorted the responsibility of some offices, and have given unto some the responsibility of the other, and ye thus corrupt My holy priesthood.
91 Ye have given unto the bishop to be the spiritual as well as the temporal advisor to the people. I say unto thee that this is a grievous error, and is an abomination in My sight.
92 For the bishop hath not judgment over spiritual matters, but hath judgment over temporal matters only.
93 Many other things ye do that are in error, for ye have not the Spirit, and ye have caused My church to become like unto a mutated beast that hath parts missing and parts added that are of no use, and it causeth the beast to stagger and fall.
94 And the rotten and cankered wood ye have not removed from My tree, and ye have allowed it to flourish and spread, for ye have covered it rather than exposed it, and in doing so ye have caused it to spread rapidly throughout My tree, corrupting every part, even the heart wood.
95 And because the canker sores and rottenness are of such great extent they must be removed even now lest My tree be destroyed.
96 And My tree stinketh and is putrid before My face, and causeth much sorrow and affliction of soul.
97 For ye have allowed the rottenness of false doctrine to spread, and the canker wood of false prophecy ye have not denounced, but have allowed it to grow, and thus ye have corrupted My tree.
98 And ye have said in your heart, "We cannot allow the people to know that we have allowed this rottenness to grow lest we show our ignorance and be exposed, and they hold us no longer in honor; therefore, we must needs cover it up lest they see our errors."
99 And ye have reasoned thus, thinking that ye shall not be found out, but I say unto thee, thy sins shall be exposed and shall be laid bare.
100 And what have you done to My Servant I have sent to prune My tree? Behold, ye hold him in derision and cast him from you even as ye flush the excrement.
101 What then shall the Lord of the vineyard do? Behold I shall take Mine unfaithful servants who were left to care for My tree, but did not, and they shall drop to the bottom of the tree and be mingled with the other debris that I have caused My Servant to prune from My tree, to be cast into the fire at the time appointed.
102 And My Servant who is held in derision, I shall place in him My Spirit, and he shall be as a fire that devoureth; and the words that he shall write and speak shall expose many and cause many to fall, for they repent not.
103 And his words shall cause many to repent and humble themselves before Me; for have I not said that I will cleanse My house of its filthiness, for how can an unclean vessel pour forth pure water?
104 Behold an unclean cup poureth forth filthy water not fit for the consumption of man or beast.
105 Therefore, I cause My house to be cleansed that it may pour forth pure and living water.
106 I shall cause My Servant to lift up his voice and cry repentance unto all the members of My church, even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
107 And those that come forth with meekness of heart and a contrite spirit, confessing all their sins before Me, shall be baptized in My name for the remission of their sins.
108 And ye shall give unto them the Holy Ghost, and if they receive it not, and it flees from them, ye shall know that they have not truly repented.
109 And then ye shall cry unto them the same as My servant John, and say, "Go ye and perform works meet for repentance, and come again when ye are prepared."
110 And those that repent not, but carry on in their sins ye shall cast out, but ye shall not delete them from the records of My church until the period of one year is elapsed.
111 And if they humble themselves before Me and repent of their sins, and request baptism, ye shall cause them to be baptized, and they shall be received into the fold.
112 And during that one year period ye shall not be idle, for ye shall lift up your voices to all the members of My church everywhere they have scattered and cry repentance unto them, even from the rising of the sun even until its setting; and ye shall show forth love and compassion, and teach and exhort and plead, that perhaps ye shall cause even one soul to repent of their evil ways.
113 And after the year has elapsed ye shall delete those unrepentant from the records of My church.
114 And even then My hand is stretched out still, for if they after this period of one year come forth in true repentance, and show forth fruit meet for repentance, ye shall baptize them.
115 Howbeit, if they formerly held My Priesthood it will be of none effect, and they will have to be reordained to My Priesthood after they show forth works signifying their willingness, worthiness, and ability in these matters.
116 And all those who come forth to be baptized before the one year has elapsed need not be reordained to the Holy Priesthood if they were ordained prior to this ordinance being changed by the church, or who can prove that they were ordained in the proper manner by someone who was also ordained and received his authority in the proper manner.
117 However, if there be doubt in this matter in the previous ordination they shall be reordained to My holy Priesthood.
118 For there are many in My church at the present time who think they hold the Priesthood but they do not, for they have not been given the Priesthood when they have been ordained, but have received offices only.
119 And thus wicked and evil men among you have tried to thwart the works of My hands, and have tried to destroy Mine authority and power and kingdom among men.
120 And thus ye shall reordain to the Priesthood all those who cannot prove they have received the Priesthood in the proper manner, and who after rebaptism show forth works and willingness to keep all My commandments.
121 And ye shall reordain all of them (both the ones who are not reordained and can prove their Priesthood, and those who are reordained who are unable to do so) to offices in My Priesthood according to their worthiness and talents, and not according to their former ordinations.
122 For these ordinations can be conferred only according to worthiness, and not according to age, for this procedure is an abomination to Me.
123 For all ordinations to My Priesthood must be done by revelation from Me, otherwise they are not valid, for I cannot work through an unclean vessel.
124 And all those who repent during this period of a year, but have formerly committed grievous sins, must be reordained to the Priesthood regardless whether they have received the Priesthood correctly or not, for this is My law, for no man can lose My Priesthood except through sin.
125 And ye shall not cause to be baptized any who repent not, neither shall ye baptize the hypocrite, the liar, the whoremonger, the adulterer, the fornicator, the lesbian, the homosexual, the thief, the drunkard, the coveter of other people's goods, the bearer of false witness, the reviler, and all those who practice any form of evil, unless they thoroughly repent, saith the LORD, and show forth works unto repentance.
126 And all those who will not take unto themselves their dead brother's wives, to raise up unto them a righteous generation, ye shall not cause to be fellowshipped among you.
127 And all those who pay not a full tithe shall not be had in fellowship among you. Nevertheless, those who are widowed and orphaned, and the destitute are exempt from this law.
128 Neither shall ye cause those to be fellowshipped who teach not their children the gospel according to My law;
129 And thus ye shall keep in order My church from this time forth, for it shall be clean, for at My coming no unclean thing shall be allowed to stand, for it shall be burned by the brightness of My coming; and the wicked shall not stand.
130 And all those who have been cast from My church for none other thing than to live My commandments, and have not sinned in any other manner, and have done only that which I have commanded them, shall come forth and present themselves before the church, and shall humble themselves and repent of their sins and all their false notions, and shall be baptized in My name, they and their families, and none shall forbid them.
131 And if they have received the Priesthood prior to their being excommunicated or have received it after their excommunication, it mattereth not, as long as they received it in the proper manner and by the proper authority, and can prove this, and they come forth prior to the year of cleansing being expired, they shall not have to be reordained to the Priesthood.
132 For they have done nothing to warrant the Priesthood from being taken from them.
133 Nevertheless, if they have set up their own church organization and have perpetuated false doctrine and have fed their converts lies and deceit, and have caused those under them to sin, and have coerced people into following after them by threats and by the practice of priestcraft, they have lost their Priesthood and shall not be received unto the church unless they fully repent, for they have lost their Priesthood and are like unto non-members.
134 And at the time of the cleansing all who come forth in meekness and repentance shall place at the bishop's feet, or in other words, lay before the bishop their entire estate; and they shall leave out nothing, for all is Mine saith the LORD; and this must be done that all surplus properties be placed in the hands of the bishopric, for the building up of My kingdom, and for the sustenance of the poor, and for the reclaiming from the wicked the lands of Zion, and the regions round about her borders.
135 And the lands shall be distributed first to the descendants of those who originally owned the properties under covenant who are worthy heirs, and secondly by lot to those who repent and are baptized and covenant with Me under the laws of consecration to keep all My commandments and obey My laws.
136 Unto these I shall cause an inheritance to be given, even an everlasting inheritance, that all may know that I am a just God, and reward every man according to his works.

137 Now I command My Servant to go forth and cause the things ye have written under My hand to be printed and distributed among all the church that none may have an excuse at the last day, for the time of the end draweth nigh, and behold I come quickly.
Even so, Amen.
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