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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 240

Revelation received July 30, 2004
Near Comanche, Texas

My son, ye have asked Me your Savior why ye are alone in spite of all that ye have done on My behalf, and I your Savior say unto you it is due to your serving Me your Savior that ye are alone.
For those that should be caring for you seek not My will and desire the pleasures of the flesh, yea even recognition from the world.
For they have chosen the same path as the church, turning their back on the spiritual for recognition of the world.
Behold I say unto you, there is no difference.
For are ye not alone? For if there were there those that loved Me, they would be where you are, for are ye not of Me, and have I not sent you?
For My spirit dwelleth with you in spite of your many weaknesses, for you have chosen Me above all else.
For has it not been fulfilled what I have before told you that if these people heed not My will ye shall be taken from among them?
Behold I your Savior have given unto you all these revelations, and they receive them as if they were not, for their hearts are like unto the Nephites of old, and their necks are stiffened.
For their sins were the sins of the flesh, stirred up to anger one with another to the shedding of blood.
10 Howbeit, what is worse, the shedding of blood or the denying of the Holy Ghost? Is one a greater sin than the other?
11 For some are saved by the shedding of their blood, but what of those who die in their sins?
12 Yet I cry one more time to those who are with thee that perhaps they may repent and come unto Me their Savior with a broken heart and a contrite spirit;
13 That they give their all unto Me their Savior and be converted and saved.
14 And only then will they receive revelation unto themselves.
15 For through My servant I have given unto them commandments, which commandments they have received with disdain, not taking them seriously.
16 Therefore, unless they speedily repent, I shall give no more commandments through My servant to them -- for what is the profit in this?
17 For if they receive revelation unto themselves they have no excuse, for revelation cometh by the gift of the Holy Ghost.
18 For all these commandments and revelations that ye have received are only for those who have truly repented, and like yourself, seek only My will;
19 Which time is not yet, for there are none as yet gathered to receive such laws.
Even so, Amen.
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