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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 241

Revelation received June 12, 2007
Aetna, Alberta, Canada

It is My will that ye shall take pen in hand and write what shall be revealed to you at this time by way of instruction for My servants who are striving to develop their faith and become more perfect servants to their God.
For it is observed that My servant David has prepared much information and literature on how women are to prepare themselves for My Kingdom; and act in the right manner to raise up unto Me a righteous generation.
Nevertheless, it must needs be that in conjunction with this there should likewise be a similar documentation as to how the holders of My Priesthood should also prepare themselves to take on the grave responsibilities of husbandship and their father's duties in being an example and shepherd for their families.
For, if My servants are not in unison with My will, and not performing the responsibilities that are required of them as holders of My holy Priesthood, then how can they guide correctly those that are placed under their jurisdiction?
Therefore, I as your Savior do call My servant David with the assistance of My servants Rob and Grant to search the scriptures thoroughly and other important books pertaining to men's responsibilities as he has done for the woman--
And prepare a manual that will instruct My servants correctly in their manner of conduct; that they too prepare themselves more correctly before Me their Savior.
And this is an important assignment that they should take to their heart in a serious manner.
And they should not hesitate to prepare this manual so that others be instructed in the same manner, so that My people will be prepared for the important events that are about to transpire.
Even so, Amen.
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