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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 246
Various Earlier Revelations
Near Comanche, Texas
[September 10, 1999]
My son: Ye shall not deny anyone from claiming the blessings of Abraham.
However, if they desire by so doing to influence you and buy your friendship, that blessing they desire shall turn to their condemnation.
Behold My son, those who come not out of her will be destroyed with her. Therefore, those of My church who will not come out of her will be destroyed with her; yea and there will be few that will heed My word and My true prophets, for their pride has eaten them up.
And My church which should hear the voice of God and heed it, and dispense it to the world, heed not the prophets whom I have sent, and instead of feeding My word, teach lies and falseness-- proclaiming that they teach the truth.
How long will such deceit be tolerated before I shall cleanse My house?
Behold ye have wondered concerning adultery being next to murder in Mine eyes.
The murder I speak of is the shedding of innocent blood, and adultery can be the corruption of spirit unto the tenth generation.
And who can corrupt such except those who have been sealed up by Mine own ordinances?
For herein is wisdom: search you the genealogies of Mine worst enemies, and you will find them descended from those first chosen, and then fallen through adultery, and not put to death.
10 Thereby providing bodies for those spirits wise in the ways of corruption and destructions-- masters of mayhem and deceivers of the elect.
11 For through no other source could they come but of the weakness of Mine own house.
12 For corruption decayeth from within, and Mine enemies are of Mine own house.
Even so, Amen.
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