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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 247
Revelation given February 10, 2009
At Aetna, Alberta
Behold my son, all of my maidservants who heed not their head are given over to the adversary. And it is a phenomenon that is sure and true.
And there is no exception to this and until my maidservants humble themselves and learn diligently to heed their head, this shall be a continual phenomenon that cannot be set aside.
For a woman must have the guidance of her head and if she rejects the one I her Savior gives unto her, the adversary then has that privilege and can use her as he pleases.
Therefore, the woman must make the choice, either heed her good head or be taken over by the adversary. For each must have a head either one way or the other, it is their choice.
For if they continue to rebel they shall reap their reward, this path is set and cannot be done away with.
Yet some of my maidservants rebel purposely for they relish in the power the adversary gives to them, but the power is not unto their salvation but to their damnation.
For the adversary lusts after all women and would have them all in his power if he could.
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