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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 248
Revelation received August 22, 2009
At Aetna, Alberta, Canada
My son, ye have concerned yourself with the status of those who have recently taken upon themselves My name, and have presented themselves before Me, to take upon themselves the responsibility of building up My Kingdom upon the earth, in these last days.
I am well pleased with what they are attempting to accomplish, and I their Savior do say unto them, that as long as they attempt to continue to do this, My Spirit will be with them, and guide them, and give them strength.
Say unto them, that they beware of the adversary?s tactics, that entice men to seek after things that they need not know for their salvation, that useth up their time, and leadeth them into forbidden paths, that they be led astray, and not accomplish that which I have commanded.
For there are many theories and ideas that men have imagined that attract their attention that seemeth exciting and convincing, but which are in error and not according to truth.
Behold, if ye continue to do these things, My Spirit will no longer prompt thee in thy doings, and ye will have the spirit of confusion come upon you, which will destroy the foundation ye have built.
For the adversary likes to confuse and confound men, by presenting before him enticing and exciting theories, that are many faceted and intriguing to the highly intelligent.
For if he can lead these away, and use up their time, he has achieved his goal, and they are no longer a threat, for he has dissipated away their energies, so they no longer be of use in building up My Kingdom.
Oh, how easy it is for those who have attained much knowledge to be led astray.
For have I not said, that My way is easy, and My path straight, that even a child can therein understand?
10 Therefore, anything that is more or less than this is not of Me, but of the adversary.
11 I have said this on many occasions, but ye have not yet understood, and continue on in doing these things.
12 Oh, if those who have been given much knowledge would learn and bend their efforts in the building up of My Kingdom and My Zion, how quickly could it be attained.
13 For their knowledge has been given to them for this purpose, and if they use it for this purpose it shall be an eternal blessing to them.
14 And if they use it not for this purpose, the adversary has achieved his goal.
15 Therefore, I say unto you, use the gifts that I have given unto you for the building up of My Zion, for ye received these gifts from no other source;
16 And thy rewards will be in accordance with your diligence unto your eternal salvation, and your eternal inheritance will be secured unto you.
Even so, Amen.
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