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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 249
Revelation received January 26, 2010
At Aetna, Alberta, Canada
My son, ye shall take pen in hand and write that which I shall reveal unto you at this time.
For any among you who take not my work in a serious manner and do not all they can to build up my kingdom shall eventually fall by the wayside and be lost.
For there are those among you who continually desire to support and build up the wicked; and their efforts are dissipated to where there is little of their time left to build up the efforts on my behalf.
Those who continue to follow this path will eventually be left without My spirit to guide them and then can they cry for my help?
Behold, I will not hear them.
For I have given them the comforts that they desire; and as soon as their comforts are satisfied they forget the goal they once had;
And seek after the praise of the world and clasp hands with those who would destroy this work.
And instead of being an example to those who are to follow, they teach them to follow the path of this world.
And, ye as my servant, are correct in coercing no one to do my will, for all men and women alike must choose for themselves which path they must follow;
10 For such must come from the heart and not be influenced by any man.
11 For all who have stepped forward and have been instructed in all things and still strike hands with the wicked, and seek after the things of the world, shall not long have the prompting of My spirit to guide them;
12 And shall be left unto their own until they totally humble themselves, and turn away from seeking after these things.
13 For when ye accept me as your Savior how then can ye turn and make friends with the wicked?
14 Both can not exist together and is impossible.
15 For have not I said that ye cannot serve God and Mammon?
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