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2nd Book of Commandments 25

Revelation received June 18, 1978
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
An Answer to Prayer Concerning
The Descendants of Cain

Behold My son, for I call you My son, for ye have been faithful over the few things that ye have been called to do, and because ye have been faithful over these few things, ye shall be made ruler over many.
And ye have asked Me concerning whether it be correct to place upon the seed of Cain My holy Priesthood, and I give unto thee an answer, yea, even a revelation concerning this matter.
For have I not said unto thee in a previous revelation that the heads of My church were puffed up in their hearts? For they seek their name in the lights and in print, and seek fellowship with the world.
And if they repent not they shall be cast aside as the dross.
And they receive revelation, but not from Me, saith the LORD, for no man can receive this revelation unless he be living My laws.
But they scorn My laws and treat them as naught. They live instead the laws of this world, and persecute and ignore those who would live all My commandments, and who are My true prophets.
How then can they receive revelation from Me?
But ye know the source of their revelations.
Behold I say unto you, at no time have I given a commandment unto My church, nor shall I, except what I have stated in My previous revelations, that the children of Ham, even the Negro race and all its peoples, should receive My holy Priesthood.
10 For have ye not My revelations before you that state clearly that not even the direct descendants of Ham, who were a righteous and a good people, could receive this blessing because of their lineage?
11 And have I not spoken to My servant Joseph Smith, even your head, that none of this race could or would be ordained to My holy Priesthood until the seed of Abel shall rise above the seed of Cain?
12 And ye know that this has as yet not taken place, for righteous Abel was slain, and his seed still awaits to be born, behold an innumerable host.
13 And have I, Jehovah, not said that any revelation that totally contradicts a previous revelation is not of Me, nor can be, for I lie not;
14 Therefore, ye know from whence the revelation came, even from the father of all lies.
15 And according to that prophesy ye made in thy book, even the Book of Onias, which prophesy was from Me, it hath literally been fulfilled, for every word that proceedeth forth from My mouth shall be fulfilled.
16 Behold I say unto thee, that these men (the Presidency of My church) came before Me concerning this matter, and because they have not heeded My commandments, nor have they listened to My servant, I heard them not.
17 And because they desired an answer according to their own carnal desires, (for they feared the persecution that they may have received for living My law), the adversary came and spoke sweetly to them, and they were glad for his words, for they were according to their carnal desires, and they heeded his words; and they shall proclaim them throughout the world as a proclamation from God.
18 Behold I say unto you, I have allowed them to do this that they may be exposed before the world as frauds and false prophets.
19 For the adversary was the founder of this black race, for he came to Cain after God had taken away his power to procreate the children of righteousness, and showed him how he could place his seed into animals, and the seed of animals into other animals, for he did corrupt the seed of the earth in this manner, hoping to thwart the works of God.
20 And for this reason the earth was destroyed by the flood, to destroy from the face of the earth these abominations which Cain created, for he had corrupted all flesh.
21 And they all sought to do the works of Cain, and he died not, but was slain.
22 But his seed was preserved through the loins of Ham, the son of Noah, and his descendants, and survived the flood.
23 And this knowledge to create these monsters has again been discovered by men in your age, and thus the earth has again become corrupted and nigh ready for destruction.
24 And in the last days the adversary, through the vanity of men, has set up churches like unto his beasts that he created, yea, even like the Sphinx, the Centaur, and the Satyr.
25 For some have the bodies of beasts and faces of men, and some are in the form of man, but have the spirit of the beast; and they shall deceive all but Mine elect.
26 What say ye then about the revelation received by the heads of My church?
27 For the adversary has infiltrated My church, and seeketh to become its head.
28 But those who have heeded him shall shortly be exposed by their folly, for My name nor My church shall be mocked longer, for it shall shortly be cleansed and purged and tried in the fire, that all those who profess to know Me, and know Me not, will be exposed.
29 For these are the false prophets spoken of in My holy scriptures, and they say, "We dwell securely", thinking that the time of visitation shall not come.
30 Behold I say unto thee, it is nigh at the door, for behold I come quickly.
Even so, Amen.
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