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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 250
Revelation received May 8, 2010
At Aetna, Alberta, Canada
My son, ye are concerned about those who have stepped forward in this work, whether they are making the right choices.
Behold I your Savior do say concerning these people, some say much and do little.
Unto these ye shall say that there has been much already said as to what their reward shall be.
Yet, I commend those who keep in mind their goal of establishing My kingdom upon the earth, and restoring unto My chosen people their rightful inheritance.
And as to My servant, he has done much in preparing the LDS Awakening, and who in the work has taken it seriously to those who are its intendents.
In this respect they are under condemnation. For by not taking it in a serious manner, and using every effort for its distribution, they shall not receive the rewards thereof.
For it is of much importance that as many of My church as possible be made aware of its contents as a last warning voice to them, that perhaps they will repent.
For all who can be trusted in My work will be made known unto you by their works that they perform, and none other can be trusted.
(June 16, 2010) It is My will that ye shall go to the States with Debra and consult with Rob concerning the Handshake Project, and the Laws of Israel, that your effort in Canada may be realized, and the warning voice go out to the people of that country.
10 Fear not thine enemies, for their efforts against thee shall be blasted.
11 Fear not to use the gifts I have given to you, for I will surely honor them; but make them not know to those who prove themselves not of Me.
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