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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 251
Revelation received September 13, 2010
At Aetna, Alberta, Canada
My son, ye shall say unto My servant David I am well pleased with his efforts in establishing a place of refuge at the place you have named Stone Mountain.
Because he is not versed in all things, I your Savior must give unto him guidance that all things shall be done in their proper order.
For I have surely called him to be My Bishop, for he shall not be discouraged by his weaknesses, nor by those that would discourage him.
Yet I will instruct him in some matters.
Behold, it is important that no clearing be done and follow accomplished without there being something to plant to prevent weeds from taking root and spreading.
Therefore, no more land shall be cleared until it is occupied or seeded to a pertinent and productive crop;
And what has already been cleared should be planted with a best suited crop, so that weeds not encroach.
And he shall make sure that the utility lines, both for water and electricity, shall be of sufficient size to carry the loads necessary to accommodate the homes that will be established there.
This that further upgrading not be necessary at a later date.
10 And unto My servant George2, I his Savior do say unto him that he has suffered much, but has this not brought him wisdom and understanding that he otherwise would not have gained?
11 for some gain virtues by one method, and some gain them by another.
12 For all of My children are of a different nature, and must be taught by different experiences.
13 For I have given him the handicaps that he has to be prepared for the more difficult times ahead.
14 Yet I am well pleased with his efforts, and will bless him in these efforts if he persists.
15 For he has not pursued all the avenues that are available among his large family.
16 And as to the efforts of My maidservants, they are all doing an acceptable work, each using the gifts given to them, that if they continue they will be blessed, and gain material rewards, along with eternal blessings.
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