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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 26

Revelation received October 29, 1978
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
Containing the Parable of the Deceitful Merchants

Thus saith the LORD unto you My servant: take up thy pen in hand and write that which I will show unto you.
Behold I say unto you, that My heart is broken because of the stiffneckedness of My people; and none heed My word, not one, for they all have gone astray, and they cry that My Servant sinneth, and he sinneth not.
And that which he has experienced, by the hand of a wicked and corrupt man, I allowed so that that man's sins be complete, and also to teach My Servant in a manner that he shall not forget.
And thus I give unto you a parable that ye may learn wisdom.

Behold I say unto you, merchants came to a certain city of people who were prosperous and well fed.
The merchants had much gold, silver, and precious jewels, and they said unto the people of the city, "Look, we have much gold, and silver, and many precious jewels; yet we cannot take these things back to where we live because of the large tariffs.
And because we are wealthy men and need not the money, we will sell these things to you at a small portion of what they are worth, for they are a worry and a bother to us because of the tariffs.
And we did buy them at a good price, and we will pass this along to you.
Not only this, but our families who are with us, and who await in the ships, desire greatly to return to our own country; and they harass us and say, 'We are weary and tired and desire to be at our homes.'
10 Therefore, we will sell these goods to you at a very good price so that we may rid ourselves of this burden, and be on our way to our own country; and we are in a great hurry that we may leave."
11 And the people of the city were glad! And they took the gold, silver, and precious jewels and examined them, and it appeared the jewels genuine, and the gold and silver true.
12 Yet they had no one in the whole city who was a jeweler; nevertheless, they believed the merchants, for they reasoned among themselves,

"These men are wealthy and honest merchants, and are not in need of the money, and they cannot return to their own country without paying huge tariffs on the merchandise, and their families await in the ships and are anxious to return to their homes, and therefore, it will be wise of us to purchase this merchandise, for we will be able to sell it at a good profit at a later date."
13 But there was a man among them who questioned these merchants, and said, "How do we know that these are genuine? For we have no one here that has a true knowledge of these things."
14 He also said, "Where are your families, your wives and children? Bring them to us that we may make them welcome."
15 And he said also, "Give us time that we may take some of these jewels and gold and silver to a neighboring city where there is a man knowledgeable in these matters, and if they are genuine, we will gladly purchase them for the price you quote."
16 And the merchants were angry at the man, and belittled him, and said, "We are in a hurry to be home, and our families await in the ships, and are tired and weary, and we offer you this genuine gold, silver, and jewels at a fraction of its value, and we are honest merchants, wherefore do you doubt us?"
17 And one man among the merchants, who was their leader, spoke up and said, "I am knowledgeable of these things, and I can assure you that these jewels are genuine and the gold and silver true."
18 And they answered him no more, and made as if ready to depart; and the people of the city were angry at the man for his doubting, and said, "Thou fool! You have made the merchants angry, and they are ready to depart, and behold we will lose our opportunity of becoming wealthy."
19 And they ridiculed the man, and belittled him, and cast him out of the city.
20 And they called to the merchants that they should return, and they said, "We will go quickly to our homes and get what monies we can and return and purchase the merchandise."
21 Nevertheless, there were a few that became suspicious and believed this man who had spoken up, and they went to their homes and said nothing, for fear of being ridiculed by the people.
22 So, each man of the city went to his home and got what money he had, and many went to the money lenders and borrowed money so that they could purchase these jewels.
23 And the merchants sold the jewelry at a very reasonable price, selling jewels and gold and silver that was worth $1,000 for $200 to $300.
24 And the transactions were carried out in a hurried manner, for the merchants were in a great hurry and they sent messages to the ships continually telling their families that they would soon be on their way.
25 And the monies were obtained in any fashion that the people could conceive, and they gave it to the merchants, and the merchants gave the jewelry, gold, and silver to the people of the city, and hurriedly counted their money and thanked them and departed in their ships.
26 And the people of the city were glad! And that night they had a great celebration with much merriment and laughter, for they said, "We have made a good bargain and now we can sell this fine jewelry and gold and silver and make ourselves a good profit!"
27 And they made merry and danced and sang.
28 And on the morrow they sent to the next city, a city close by, where there was a man knowledgeable of the value of these things, and they sent for him, and he came and examined the gold, silver and jewels, and said unto them,
29 "These things you have purchased are of some value, and are very good imitations, but they are neither gold, silver, nor precious jewels."
30 And he asked them what they had purchased them for, and they told him, this and this we did pay for them, and he said,
31 "Ye have paid ten times what they are worth, for you have spent your money in vain, for they are good imitations, but are not the real thing."
32 And the people of the city were angry and sad, and said, "We will go and retrieve the money that we have given to these merchants for the merchandise, and return unto the merchants their imitation jewelry."
33 And they went to follow after them and they found them not.
34 And the wise man said, "If ye find them ye can do nothing to them; for they have license to sell, and ye cannot take them to the law, for the magistrate will examine their credentials and they will be in order, and he will say unto you,
35 'These men have license to sell, and they have sold you merchandise, and ye have paid too much, but ye should have had the merchandise examined, and ye would have known that it was not genuine, and would have paid accordingly; but since ye did this not and acted the fool, therefore ye are not wise and deserve to be swindled, and ye cast that man out who warned you, therefore ye have your reward. Go from Me ye foolish and greedy men!'"
36 And thus the wise man counseled them.
37 And the men of the city were sad, and they all returned to their houses and lamented their foolishness, and said,
38 "If only we had listened to the man who warned us, for now we have gone into debt, and have only imitation gold, silver, and jewels for all that we have paid."
39 And thus ye have the parable of the deceitful merchants, and what means this parable, and what is the interpretation thereof?
40 Behold I say unto you, the deceitful merchants are the heads of My church.
41 The prosperous and well fed people of the city are the membership of My church, and the man who questioned the merchants, and who was cast out, the Prophet I have sent.
42 The wise man from the neighboring city is a man endowed with the gifts and powers of God to set in order and cleanse My holy church.
43 And behold I say unto you, that the gold, silver, and precious jewels promised by these merchants, if they would have been genuine, are Lives Eternal, even the Celestial Kingdom of God.
44 But because they promise these things without the necessary works, their promises are null and void.
45 Behold I the LORD am a just God and reward every man according to his works, and all who seek to obtain their salvation without works, receiveth disappointment and sorrow, even weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
46 And woe unto those teachers of the gospel who say, this and this is all that is necessary to enter into Lives Eternal.
47 Woe unto the leaders of My church who say that all that is required to enter into Eternal Lives is to be baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and after this they must be good members of the church, and take out their endowments, and be sealed for time and eternity to one wife, and for this they will be rewarded with Eternal Lives.
48 That which they say is necessary, but they must also live many other laws which the leaders of My church have now forbidden, and because of this they shall not receive their blessings, worlds without end.
49 For a people who accept the words of false prophets delight in deceit rather than truth, and have their reward.
50 For no one can enter Eternal Lives unless they live all My laws and commandments, and do even the works of Abraham, Mine ancient servant.
51 For how can they be in the bosom of Abraham if they heed not My laws?
52 For the people of My church desire the kingdom without the works, for they are greedy and lustful, and desire these precious jewels at a bargain price.
53 And the leaders of My church do say, do thus and thus and ye shall receive the kingdom, and all is well in Zion.
54 And My Servant has warned them repeatedly and said, "Why are ye afraid to question the merchants to be sure the merchandise is true and pure before you give up your monies or your souls to the dictates of these men?"
55 Yea, and there are a few that have commenced to set their houses in order.
56 But the remainder have not heeded the warning of the true Prophet who said for them to seek after revelation in these matters.
57 And the members of My church have belittled My servant, and scoffed at him, and said, "Why do you question these merchants so, since we know they are true men of God, and offer these precious jewels, gold and silver at a fraction of their value? For we will be able to obtain these great blessings without having to sacrifice all our sins, for the church leaders have devised a plan whereby we can obtain these blessings without going through all the tribulation and sorrow that may accompany the keeping of all of God's laws and commandments; why then pay more than what is required?"
58 And thus the leaders of My church deceive My people and say, "See we are good men, and have families awaiting in our ships, and we are in a hurry to be on our way."
59 And they rush many into accepting the gospel without their fully having the Spirit in these matters, but seek only in the gaining of converts, for many are being baptized without the necessary fruits of repentance to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and they receive it not and remain ignorant.
60 And they say, "See our families, how beautiful they are, and how perfect." But show them not by the Spirit, for this would expose them for what they are, deceitful like unto their parents.
61 Their outward appearance beautifully adorned, but their hearts full of lust and evil.
62 And so they hide them in their ships, and keep their inward works hidden.
63 Yea, and they fear the tax, for they know that the tax and tariff that they will have to pay on these goods would be too great for them to bear before the judgment bar;
64 And they seek to rid themselves of this gold, silver, and jewelry that is not true, so that they can return home;
65 And they seek to exchange it for true and good gold; and this they do, and take from My people even their souls.
66 And the man among the merchants who says that he is knowledgeable of these things, and this is true gold and silver, and jewelry, is the false prophet among My people, for he has no such revelation, and his revelation is from the father of all lies, even the adversary.
67 Yea, and the people of My church rejoice in his revelation, and in his word, believing that they can obtain their salvation at such a cheap price, and they say,
68 "We will tell others of this good fortune and sell our merchandise and reap a great profit from it, for will we not be greatly rewarded for our good deeds by spreading this good news throughout the world?"
69 And My heart pines and is greatly grieved for the wickedness of the members of My church, for they heed the false prophets and ignore the true, and they seek to pay little for their salvation, but they shall reap what they sow.
70 And when I sent My Servant and he asked you saying, "Did ye seek after the LORD in these matters by revelation?" they answered him and said,
71 "No man can receive revelation except the head of the church, and we trust him because he is the head of these merchants, and he is an honest man and is a prophet, seer, and revelator; and we need no warning from you, for you are a man, poor, and of no significance. For are not the merchant's families in their ships, and would they come with their families to deceive us?"
72 And thus they mocked him and cast him out, and heeded not his words.
73 And when My Servant shall come from the next city to inspect the jewelry, then he shall say, "Show me the jewels and your works while you were upon the earth." And they shall say, thus and thus are our works.
74 And he shall say, "Depart from me ye foolish men, for you have been deceived, and the goods you show are of some value, and ye shall receive some reward, but where I dwell ye cannot come, neither are ye able, for only those who keep all My commandments can reap the rewards of My servant Abraham who is with Me.
75 For how can ye reap that which ye have not sown?"
76 And when the people of My church find out that they have sold their souls for naught, behold they will become angry and say, "Can we not redeem our souls?"
77 But the LORD will say unto them, "Ye cannot redeem them, for you were warned in many ways by My true prophet, and you heeded him not, and cast him out, and listened not unto his warning, and the false prophets ye heeded are now gone and have received their reward, and how then can ye redeem your souls? Behold ye have your reward."
78 And there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
79 And when the leaders of My church come before Me and show Me the monies they have received from the members of My church, behold I say unto you, they shall show the souls of men they have robbed, and their sins shall be evident.
80 Ye have the parable of the deceitful merchants before you, and ye have the interpretation before you, and ye know that it is true.
81 Therefore, repent even now and heed not the false prophets longer, but heed those chosen by Me who is your Savior.
Even so, Amen.
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