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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 28

Revelation received about 1974
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto you My servant Leroy Johnson, humble thyself before Me, and repent of all thy sins.
For I am God, even the God of Israel who speaketh through My Servant whom I have chosen; and man speaketh not these words.
For thou hast sinned greatly in that ye have assumed powers that ye have not, and ye have listened to those who are wicked men.
And ye have led the people to believe that ye have the fullness of My Priesthood, and that ye can set in order My house.
Behold, I say unto you that this power has not been given unto you; for I say unto you that it is not within the power that I have given unto you to instruct or ordain any man unless he comes to thee for this purpose.
For when I called men by the hand of My servant John Taylor, they were instructed only to preserve My doctrine of the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage; and they were expressly forbidden to set up any form of organization.
And as the church as a whole had rejected this doctrine, it was up to each holder of the Priesthood to set his own house in order as the revelation I gave unto My servant John Taylor asserts.
Then a man, after he had received his ordination and covenants by the hands of the church, could come to these men that were set aside for this purpose and receive wives unto themselves as is commanded in My book the Doctrine and Covenants of the church.
And this was the case until the original men who were given this power were taken.
10 Then came those of vain ambition who sought their own counsel and set up their own organization, bringing with it much false doctrine and corruption.
11 Behold, I say unto thee that unless they repent they shall not find an inheritance in My kingdom.
12 For I say unto you that ye cannot organize yourselves into wards nor anything like unto them, for this is one of the functions of My church, for this authority remains within My church, and ye are not called to do this, but have been set aside to preserve the Patriarchal Order of Marriage and the Law of Abraham.
13 And if ye do this, setting your own house in order, ye shall be preserved and prepared when My house shall be cleansed.
14 Thus saith the LORD unto My people, which if they obey they shall be blessed, and if they keep not, My judgments shall come upon them at a time they think not.
15 Neither do ye have authority to collect tithes, for ye have not been given this commission, for this has been given to the bishops of My church, and all others who collect tithes in My name shall be cursed, saith the LORD.
16 And many have sought to use this power for their own profit; behold, I say unto thee that this is priestcraft, and whoso profiteth from this in this manner shall be damned.
17 Beware lest ye be deceived. Hearken unto My voice which I give unto thee through My servant, for there is none other voice that speaketh the truth, for all have gone astray and out of the path.
18 And if ye receive chastisements, it is because of My love for you, for I do love thee greatly for thy righteous desires.
19 And thus I make an end of speaking, even your Savior.
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