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2nd Book of Commandments 3

Revelation received July 16th, 1961
At Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

There is a way that man may speak to God, and if he is worthy he shall receive it.

[Also the following the same day:]
Thus saith the LORD, ye have not chosen Me but I have chosen thee to be a prophet unto this people; therefore, why murmur thee and concern thyself over this matter?
Know ye not that I choose the contemptible things of this earth, yea even those things that the world despiseth?
Nevertheless thou hast sinned, and unless thou speedily repenteth, the adversary desireth thy soul, for he delighteth in the sins of men and rejoiceth in their iniquities.
Humble thyself, and seek not to exalt thyself above others, and I shall make thee strong, yea, even I will place My Spirit in thee, that thou may reveal greater things unto this people, yea even the hidden things I have kept hidden from the foundation of the world, yea even until this time.
Yea, I showed them unto others of My holy prophets, yea, even did I show them unto Joseph Smith, but the world was not ready to receive them, so I commanded him to restrain himself that he would not reveal it unto the people at that time, for they were not yet ready to receive these things, for they would have been a stumbling block to them, yea, even they would have fallen because of them, for their minds were not yet prepared, neither were they wholly cleansed from the darkness that covered their eyes.
Hear ye, O My people of My church! Know ye not that I am God, and reveal all My truths in Mine own due time?
Know ye not that I have power to summon the seas, and mountains shall come from their midst?
Know ye not that I have power to summon the great mountains and they shall become the bottom of the ocean?
10 Know ye not that I shall gather Mine elect from the four quarters of the earth, yea, and they shall assemble themselves in Zion, and a great shout of joy shall go forth unto the ends of the earth, yea, and all shall hear the shout and know that I am Lord, yea even thy God; yea and none shall stay their hand, and they shall be as a devouring fire, yea even as stubble is burned by fire so shall they devour the wicked by fire.
11 Yea, and there shall go a decree forth out of Heaven that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the LORD, the Savior of the world, yea, even Jehovah the Mighty One of Israel who shall come out of heaven to the inhabitants of the earth to reign a thousand years.
12 Yea, I say unto you, even Jesus Christ your Redeemer, that the time is nigh at hand, even at the door for all things to be fulfilled.
13 Yea, I have trodden the winepress alone and now My wrath is full, yea, even will I pour out My vengeance upon the wicked for they are nigh ripened in iniquity, yea they do all kinds of abominations and wickedness, and their hearts are so hard that My word has no place in them.
14 Nevertheless, there are many among them who yet can be brought into My fold.
15 Therefore, thrust in your sickle with all your might, yea, even from early in the morning until your laying down at night, and ye shall not lose your reward.
16 However, many of you are not prepared, for you are as the foolish virgins, for they had no fuel for their lamps and were left when the bridegroom came.
17 Therefore repent! even now, and humble thyself, even to the earth.
18 Seek after knowledge and wisdom, for you have dissipated away your talents, and now there is little time left.
19 The harvest is now ripe, yea, even the kernels do fall from the ear, yea, and many do join the church of their own free will, having no elders to teach them.
20 The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. Yea, many are called, but few are chosen.
21 Why are they not chosen? Because they dissipate away their time and do not study diligently My gospel.
22 Yea, for their father is the world, and unless ye leave this world ye have no part of Me.
23 O Father, that I may shout Thy praise above the stars, and shout praises to Thee forever!
24 Yea, for thou hast again restored Thy gospel, and brought forth again Thy word!
25 O that I could shout with the voice of Gabriel, for he did shout, and the walls of Heaven shook!
26 Hear ye, hear ye, all ye nations of the earth, repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!
27 A prophet, O ye people, has restored the gospel, yea, even in its fullness, yea, and angels have spoken from Cumorah!
28 The Priesthood has been restored, bringing with it the New and Everlasting Covenant that we on earth may again enter into God's presence!
29 Hear all ye nations of the earth, for the LORD reigneth, and He only is our God!
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