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2nd Book of Commandments 31

Revelation received March 8, 1977
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto you My son, I am God, even the Eternal Father, and by the atonement of Mine Only Begotten, even the Savior, thy sins have been washed clean, even if ye have repented of all thy sins and humbled thyself before Me.
For My name is Jehovah, for I am even the Man of Holiness, and it is through this order worlds are organized for the habitation of man.
And I command that ye say unto My servant Ogden that he does err in this matter, for he does believe that Adam, who is Michael the mighty Archangel, is the father of the Savior's physical body.
Behold I say unto you, that this is not correct, for My servant Adam, who was Michael, has not yet taken up his body that he laid aside, and he shall not do so until the Holy Ghost shall be taken from the earth.
For as the Holy Ghost can He not be the Comforter and the Spirit of Truth to bless and encourage His children?
Behold, it was because of His protecting shield that encompassed Mary that she was able to withstand My presence.
For besides His presence at this event, there was no one to witness what had been done, and for this reason only He could bear witness to John the Baptist at the time of His baptism.
And thus as the Testator He bears witness to the children of men that the Savior is indeed My Son.
And when He taketh up His body again, He shall gather His righteous children in the valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahman, and they will look upon Him and acknowledge that He is Adam, and they will acknowledge that He is the Father, and they shall bow down and worship Him.
10 And One shall appear with Him who is like unto the Son of Man, who is full of grace and truth, who was Michael's firstborn in the spirit; and the Kingdom shall be given unto Him that He may rule the earth a thousand years in righteousness.
11 Behold, ye have asked concerning the spirits, and how they act upon those who are living.
12 Behold I say unto you, that those evil spirits (who followed after the adversary in the beginning because of their rebellion) were denied bodies-- behold they continually look for a body to inhabit, and those who choose evil instead of good are their prey.
13 For by their actions they invite these evil spirits in to take possession of their bodies, and cause them to commit the most heinous crimes.
14 Also those who have lived and have passed on and who are again in the spirit world and who have been wicked while upon this earth can also enter into and duplicate the sins they themselves did while in the flesh, and thus sin is perpetuated from generation to generation.
15 But I say unto you, it is likewise the case with the righteous, for the righteous spirits can enter in and influence man for good and their good works can be emulated through others.
16 But in this there can be no coercion and all must be done in accordance with the free agency of man.
17 Behold I say unto you My servant Ogden, give heed unto the words of your Savior, even Jesus Christ, and seek no longer your own counsel, for ye are like unto My servant Oliver Cowdery, for ye do seek Me to a point, but then ye withdraw, for ye fear My word that it may say unto you things that are contrary to what ye have conceived in your mind to be correct.
18 For ye have taken the words and interpretations of man and have mixed them with My gospel, and ye have created an image that is not correct in My sight, for it is out of order.
19 And thus men have done from the beginning, and ye have the religions of the world which cry, "lo here" and "lo there", having a form of godliness, but having no power and authority from Me.
20 And none of these edifices that men create shall stand at the last day, for they are not in accordance with My word.
21 For only through that rock which is the foundation of My church in all ages can man receive the truth.
22 And I choose whom I shall make My spokesmen, for man chooseth not this gift, but it is given by the spirit of truth, who is the Comforter, even the Holy Ghost.
23 And many become angry when they find this gift has been denied them because of their pride and self-righteousness.
24 And even though they have heaped upon them great honors by the hands of men, they receive this gift only upon the basis of righteousness.
25 Because of this they seek to hide their iniquity and endeavor to appear to men as having great humility and righteousness, and in this manner they deceive many, and cause many to err.
26 And they accept titles of Prophet, Seer and Revelator from the children of men, and pretend they have these gifts.
27 And again they deceive many and cause many to honor them and exalt them above the heavens.
28 Behold I say unto you, their towers shall be hewn down and their deceit blasted and exposed.
29 They shall not be able to hide their shame, for it shall be exposed for all to see, and their reward shall be contempt and wormwood.
30 And there are but few in this world who seek after Me, for all seek after their own images and set up their own gods.
31 And I say unto My servant Ogden that he humble himself before Me and receive instruction and assist My Servant in all things in the printing and the distributing of My word received through My Servant whom I have chosen.
32 And if he do this, he shall not lose his reward neither for time nor throughout all eternity.
33 And ye shall no longer hold in contempt the word of My servant, for the doctrine which he teacheth is correct and there is no error in it.
34 And if ye call upon Me with a sincere heart I will manifest the truth of it unto you, and ye shall know of a surety that I have again called a prophet and revelator to restore the truth that men have so shortly corrupted.
35 And when the books are opened and the sealed portions of the Book of Mormon are brought forth all shall agree one with another; for truth disagreeth not with itself, whether it be written by a Lamanite, Gentile or a Jew, it mattereth not.
36 And behold, it shall come to pass that they who will reject My word I have spoken through My servant, their minds shall become confused and they shall seek here and there for truth but shall not find it.
37 And they shall look to the scriptures and because they have not the Holy Ghost, there shall be conflicting views and contention.
38 And strife shall be great to the one lifting up his hand in anger against those who believe not like unto himself, and thus the wicked shall destroy the wicked.
39 And I say unto My handmaid Anne, that she also humble herself and seek guidance from Me, even her Savior, and assist My servant Ogden in the printing and distributing of this work.
Even so, Amen
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