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2nd Book of Commandments 32

Revelation received June 7, 1977
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto you My son, for are ye not one of Michael's sons pertaining to the spirit? And through adoption are ye not one of My sons?
For are not all those who take upon themselves My name My sons and daughters?
Yea, and ye were chosen even before you were born and set part as a prophet unto My people as I set apart others in the same manner.
And ye have fulfilled much of what I have commanded, but ye have not fulfilled all, and ye stand under condemnation until ye repent of your unbelief concerning the matter.
For ye say unto yourself that ye are not capable of performing the things I have commanded because of your weaknesses of body and manner of birth.
And ye shall repent of this even now, and take upon you the yoke that has been placed upon you and procrastinate no longer in the performance of your duties.
And if ye are faithful, ye shall receive even a helpmeet as ye have asked, and she shall be of the pure blood of Israel, and not of the heathen and unbelievers that pollute My footstool.
And ye shall make no effort to search for her, for when the time comes she shall recognize thee and ye shall recognize her, and she shall be a comfort to thee and shall accept all truth.
And ye shall say unto My maidservant Anne concerning her question, that she understandeth not the nature of Heaven and its economy, and she has been led astray by false notions and concepts.
10 Behold, she has been led to believe that Adam is the Father of Jesus Christ in the flesh.
11 Behold I say unto you, that this is error, for nowhere in the scriptures have I taught in this manner.
12 And if this were so, it would make God a liar, for have I not said that I am Jehovah, even the Word, even Alpha and Omega?
13 And it is after this order of Priesthood that worlds are organized and brought into existence.
14 And on each earth that is created or organized in this manner there is placed an Adam and Eve who transgress the law that they may clothe their spiritual children with physical bodies.
15 And when they become mortal and partake of the forbidden fruit, blood again flows in their veins and they again become subject to death.
16 And as Adam and Eve they beget physical children like unto themselves, that they might provide a means whereby they can clothe their spiritual children with a physical body.
17 And behold, ye have record that Adam and Eve bore Cain, Abel, Seth and their wives, and your records show that they bore other children besides these and thus they populated the earth.
18 Therefore did not Adam bear sons and daughters in the flesh and are ye not his descendants?
19 How then can ye say that he was also the Father of Jesus Christ? For have I not said that He is the Only Begotten of the Father in the flesh, full of grace and truth?
20 Therefore ye have made My word a lie, for Adam had many children in the flesh even after he came out from this Celestial home which ye call the Garden of Eden.
21 And if he was also the Father of Jesus Christ in the flesh, how then could he be his only begotten?
22 Behold I say unto you, that ye also imply by this doctrine that in order to become an Adam of a world ye must be a Savior of a previous earth, for ye say in your reasoning that Michael or Adam was such a Savior.
23 Behold I say unto you, this also is error, for this also makes My words lies, for I promised Abraham and others who have been faithful that they shall inherit Eternal Lives, and their Posterity shall be as the sands of the seashore, and have not I stated that they shall become as Gods, able to bring into being spirit children?
24 For their firstborn in the spirit shall be the heir, and when they are fully prepared, an earth will be prepared for these children; and Eloheim, who was the Adam of this earth, shall say unto Jehovah, who was the Savior of this earth: "Go! Take Michael, etc. who was like unto My servant Abraham and create an abode so that the spirit children Michael has brought forth will be able to progress and receive a mortal body and become like unto us. "
25 Behold I say unto you, there is no other way. And Michael who was like unto Abraham shall come down and become Adam.
26 And this doctrine have I taught to My servants through Joseph Smith; and nowhere have I stated that in order to become an Adam one must be a Savior of a previous earth.
27 For if this were the case, My promise to My servant Abraham and others would be null and void, for they were not the Savior of this world, for they suffered not for the sins of My people.
28 Behold I say unto you, My servant Joseph Smith explained this doctrine clearly, but who has understood?
29 And there are those who have imagined vain things concerning this matter, not having the spirit but rather having a spirit of speculation.
30 And there have been many books written on this matter which contain much truth, but which are mingled with the thoughts and ideas of men.
31 For men continually disregard Mine instructions, for have I not said unto them many times that they should seek not after these things through speculation, but must receive this knowledge by revelation from Me? For I lie not.
32 And I speak to all those that seek after Me with a sincere heart and a contrite spirit, for none other gifts are acceptable.
33 Behold I say unto you, there are many who come to Me desiring a confirmation of something they have already conceived in their mind to be true, and their minds are set upon this belief, and they receive a confirmation, but not of Me.
34 And they go their stiffnecked ways, and they go from error to error until they are led carefully down to hell.
35 Behold I say unto you, ye see a man, and he appears unto you as an ordinary person, and ye say,
36 "This ordinary person cannot be a prophet of God, for he appears unto us as someone who is ordinary, and there is no eloquence flowing from his mouth, neither is there a fierceness coming from his eye, and he is neither poor nor rich, neither is he a politician nor a great leader among men.
37 For surely if he were a prophet he must be distinguished from others by his appearance and manner, then we would know for a surety.
38 But here we see a man who is ordinary and common among us, therefore we cannot accept him as a prophet.
39 Behold, I take those who are esteemed as naught and they shall become My spokesmen, and their eye shall be fierce and their tongue shall be as a flame of fire, but the wicked hear it not, for only in the heart of the righteous shall it burn.
40 And from this comes the saying, "They have eyes but cannot see, and they have ears but they cannot hear."
Even so, Amen.
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