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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 33

Revelation received July 29, 1978
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold My son, ye shall take pen in hand and write that which I shall impress upon thy mind.
For it is by this means Gods speak to each other, and it is the more pure form of speech, and it is endowed upon men only when they are ready to receive these instructions by the living of the commandments and the reception of the Holy Ghost.
Behold, ye have asked concerning the Sabbath day, and behold, I will reiterate the commandments that were formerly given unto My saints.
Behold, as the earth was created in the six periods of time called days, so shall man work the six days and earn his bread by the sweat of his brow.
As on the seventh day God rested from his work, so also on the seventh ye shall rest from all work, even all your family and those under your jurisdiction, even all your servants and employees, and all under your authority ye shall cause them to rest.
Nevertheless, essential services must be maintained, and the wants of the feeble, sick, widow and orphan must be heeded.
And this law has never been changed and the day ye call Saturday is the seventh day, and on this day ye shall rest and refrain from all unnecessary labor and work.
And behold, on the first day of the week, even the day ye call Sunday, ye shall meet together and call upon the LORD and perform your oblations to the Most High.
And on this day ye shall hold your solemn assemblies and your solemn meetings and your Sunday schools and your holy meetings unto Me, for this is the LORD's Day.
10 For on this day He rose from the dead and ascended into the heavens.
11 This is the new commandment I promised unto you, and ye heeded it not, for ye have kept the LORD's Day but ye have not kept the Sabbath holy, for this is the day of rest.
12 And this has not been taught to My people, for ye had thought the LORD's Day substituted also for the Sabbath, but such is not the case, and from this time forth all must heed this commandment or they shall be cut off from My people.
13 Ye have also asked Me concerning My servant Gene. Behold I say unto thee, he has come before Me from time to time in great faith, and I have spoken unto him from time to time giving him guidance as he is able to receive it through the power of the Holy Ghost.
14 And ye have asked if ye are to associate yourself with him, and become associated with him in a business sense.
15 And behold I say unto you, ye shall join with him only as much as both of you keep the laws of the United Order, and join in a covenant to assist each other, and place all monies received in a joint account that will enable you to build up My kingdom; for it is considered My kingdom when My laws are kept.
16 And what you do now even is your stewardship, and ye shall dedicate and consecrate and set aside all these properties unto Me that I may again have a place to dwell upon the earth.
17 For all that once was dedicated unto Me is now polluted but shall be redeemed in Mine own due time.
Even so, Amen.
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