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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 35

Revelation received March 13-17, 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD unto My Servant. Inasmuch as ye have come before Me in humility and fasting, behold I come unto thee as a still small voice by which ye shall receive instruction and guidance.
And inasmuch as ye have striven diligently to go to the United States as I have commanded you, and ye have been prevented from doing so by the laws of the land, I have not chastised you concerning this matter.
Nevertheless, ye shall continue to strive to do so, and if ye persist in this matter I will open up a way whereby ye will be able to accomplish this in a manner ye think not of.
For it is important for you to migrate there, for I have a work for you to perform there that will necessitate your presence.
Be not discouraged, for I have seen thy works wherein thou hast not reviled when thou hast been reviled against, and thou hast held thy peace in the midst of fury.
Nevertheless, thou art not perfect and must repent of thy thoughts that hinder thee in this accomplishment.
And thou must work out thy salvation with fear and trembling.
And say unto those who have listened to My voice: Thus saith the Lord your God, heed My words which have been written both by the prophets of olden time and those that have been sent in these the last days.
For ye have been prophesied of by them, for are ye not the leaven that starteth as a small thing and spreadeth throughout the whole that the whole must needs be benefited thereby?
10 Behold I say unto you, ye have been chosen for a great work, for the proper order of family must needs be restored.
11 For this is the beginning of the setting in order of My house, for without this order in My house there is no power, and ye will not be able to accomplish My commandment to raise up a righteous generation unto Me.
12 For no man can both serve Me and the woman, for the woman will place upon men impossible burdens that taketh away his honor and Priesthood.
13 Therefore he must free himself from the dictates of the woman and be subject unto Me, saith the LORD.
14 And the woman must be subject unto the man even as the man is subject unto Me.
15 And the children must be subject unto the woman even as she is subject unto the man, that there be order in My house saith the LORD.
16 And even as I show great lovingkindness unto the man and lead him into paths of righteousness, chastising at times when he doth err and then showing great mercy at his strivings and repentance, even so must a man do likewise with his wife, showing great mercy and love for her at all times, teaching her with kindness and forgiveness.
17 Likewise must the wife teach the children the gospel at an early age, that by the time they are eight years old they will comprehend fully the responsibility.
18 For few of this age that are now being baptized into My church have knowledge of what they are doing, and therefore baptism availeth nothing, for they have even corrupted this most sacred doctrine.
19 And ye have asked Me concerning the distribution of the revelations ye have received--how this shall be done.
20 Behold I say unto you, ye shall obtain current directories of each ward and stake and send through the mails to each individual therein, that none may have an excuse at the last day.
21 And ye have asked Me whether it be appropriate to place these writings in parking lots of the various wards.
22 I say unto you, that this is not acceptable unto Me, for many will be destroyed and trodden under feet and wasted.
23 And ye have also asked Me whether it will be desirable to publish the revelations in the newspapers of the land.
24 Behold I say unto you, in some areas this will be acceptable and in other areas it would not be acceptable.
25 When there be large concentrations of the members of My church, such would be profitable, however where there are but few members, it would be wise to use the mails.
26 And ye shall be guided by the Spirit in this matter.
27 And I say unto you concerning the copy of the revelation ye have received that has been said to have been written by the head of My church, even Spencer W. Kimball.
28 Behold ye shall not publish it nor print it for distribution, for this is wisdom in Me.
29 But ye shall have one of you write unto the President of My church asking confirmation that the writing is the one truly written by President Kimball.
30 Then after ye receive this confirmation, I shall give you further instruction and guidance in this matter, that all things may be done in order.
31 For the head of My church hath truly received revelations concerning this matter, but not of Me saith the Lord your God. And thus he hath received a revelation of the adversary.
32 And when the people of My church find out that they have been deceived, they shall be angry and gnash their teeth, and some shall even seek their lives.
33 For these are they who chose the easy way, thinking that they would be able to inherit the Kingdom without works, and they shall seek the Kingdom and find it not.
34 And thus ye have received instruction through a prophet chosen by Me saith the LORD, and not chosen by men--even My Servant.
35 And those of you who have accepted My word, behold, ye shall prepare these works as I have commanded in this revelation, using your own wisdom in many instances, seeking the Spirit; for it is not wise that ye should be commanded in every detail.
36 And ye shall heed the words spoken through My Servant and prepare for greater works that are yet to come.
37 And ye shall seek confirmation of these things by the Spirit, even by fasting and prayer--and be not deceived by the adversary, for he will endeavor to burden you with cares, that perchance ye will be prevented from accomplishing that which hath been commanded you.
38 For you were chosen before the foundation of the world to accomplish this work at this time.
39 For ye know not what manner of men ye are, but when ye have prepared yourselves, ye shall know.
40 And I say unto My servant Curtis, be not discouraged nor doubtful of My servant, for he is truly a prophet sent from the Father, and ye have received confirmation that this is so-- therefore doubt not.
41 For I am well pleased with thee; and the righteous desires of thy heart are continually before My face.
42 And if ye heed the counsel contained in this revelation, thy testimony shall become unshakable and ye shall become a pillar of strength and a power for good wherever ye shall be called.
43 And your tongue shall be loosed, and ye shall be a spokesman for My Servant and influence many to repent and humble themselves before Me, saith the Lord your God.
44 And unto My servant Joseph, I say unto you, burdens have been placed upon you to teach thee wisdom.
45 Behold, ye shall heed the words of the counsel contained in this revelation, and if ye do this, strength shall be given unto thee that ye will be able to accomplish great things in My name, even things that will bring much righteousness and prepare a people for My coming.
46 And unto My servant Wayne, I say unto you, I have heard thy prayers and lamentations and I have seen thy works and sacrifices, and I say unto you, ye shall not lose thy reward.
47 Nevertheless, thou art in much need of repentance, for thou dost heed thine own counsel and not Mine, saith the LORD.
48 For it must needs be that ye search and take up on yourself another wife, that ye may raise up unto Me a righteous generation--and ye shall heed the words contained in this revelation, and all other revelations concerning this matter.
49 And ye shall seek out of the best books, and you shall design and construct various homes, patterned after spiritual laws, that may house My Saints in these last days.
50 Behold, I speak of troubles in the world and famine and pestilences and fires and pillars of smoke--and the time of trouble shall commence from this time forth and shall not recede until all that has been prophesied shall be fulfilled.
Even so, Amen.
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