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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 36

Revelation received in the Spring of 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto you My servant, you have asked Me concerning the doctrine of reincarnation, wherein it is claimed that the spirit of man over a period of many years enters into, through the process of birth, many bodies and receives many experiences.
Behold I say unto you, that this doctrine as it is understood by man is not correct.
However, in Mine own due time and through revelation I will reveal the secrets of Heaven in their purity, but not at the present, for this knowledge is not necessary for the salvation of man, but will be revealed to those who are worthy to receive such matters at the time appointed.
And concerning the writings that My servant Joseph has written; much of what he has written is correct, but some of the things he has written are incorrect.
And he has been influenced somewhat by the writings of others and by the thoughts of men and by his own imagination, and therefore it would be wise of him to keep many of these truths in his heart.
And at the time appointed, if he is worthy, I will reveal the truth of these matters to him by the power of the Holy Ghost.
For he must prepare himself for this privilege by living all the commandments of God, for I exempt no man who understandeth these principles and who holds My Priesthood from living these laws.
And if it be so that he finds that he is in error concerning these matters, he must prepare himself to accept the truth.
For many come before Me with fixed minds and receive nothing for their efforts, and the adversary comes to them with vain ideas and they go away rejoicing, believing they have received My word.
10 For all that edifieth and bringeth man unto salvation is of God, and all that darkeneth the mind and bringeth confusion and contention is of the adversary.
11 Nevertheless, I commend My servant Joseph for his desire to know the truth, and if he continues on in his righteous desires, his soul shall be filled with light and knowledge.
12 And I will yet bless him with the righteous desires of his heart-- if he heeds the words of My voice.
13 For I have chosen one in these last days to be My mouthpiece, even My servant Joseph Smith Jr., and all that he has received from Me has not yet been given unto the children of men, for they were not ready to receive these things from My hand.
14 And therefore I have hidden them up to come forth at the time appointed to a people who are worthy and who are willing to accept My will.
15 Nevertheless, I will choose from time to time prophets who will testify of him, and place with the people here a little and there a little, to see if they have prepared themselves for a greater knowledge.
16 Behold I see darkness upon all the face of the land, and few there are that have prepared themselves to receive the fullness of My gospel.
17 Nevertheless, there shall be sufficient to be a leaven.
18 And behold I say unto you, I am about to pour out My wrath upon this people, yea, even by famine and pestilence and fire and great tribulation, like has never before been upon the face of the earth.
19 And only those who receive revelation from Me, and who are guided to the places of refuge which I will set up for the righteous sake, will escape.
20 Behold, six years will not pass away before great tribulations will begin to fall upon the children of men, and the hearts of men will fail, for they place their faith in the arm of flesh, which faileth.
21 For great wonders ye have seen both in heaven and earth, and ye esteem them as a common thing.
22 Nevertheless, ye shall see greater wonders than these, and powers that shall shake mightily the earth.
23 And all those who desire not to take up sword against their neighbor, must needs flee to Zion, for there only is salvation.
24 And those who mock My word and those whom I have sent, shall see the wrath of Mine anger, and shall mourn all the day long until evening, and shall not find comfort.
25 And these things I have revealed unto you at this time that ye may prepare and be ready and be as the wise virgins.
26 And ye shall say unto My servant Joseph, that he no longer search the dark doctrines for light, for there shall be no light come from darkness.
27 But he shall seek instead to those revelations that come from Me, even them that come through My servant Joseph Smith and others of My holy servants, and prepare his house that he may be prepared for the day of visitation.
Even so, Amen.
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