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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 41

Revelation received June 2, 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto you My Servant. Thus saith the LORD, fear not the revelations received by the man named Gene, for have I not said on many occasions that many shall come in My name saying, "lo here" and "lo there"? And I say unto you, believe them not.
For you were astonished that such a revelation could be received by another, but be not deceived, for is this not in fulfillment of prophecy that has been made by many of My prophets?
For when Aaron cast his rod, and it became a serpent, did not the rods of the wizards of Pharaoh's court do the same?
For many will come forth at this time with revelations, for all who seek after revelations from this time forth shall receive revelations upon revelations in fulfillment of this prophecy.
For as the rods of the wizards became serpents, so also shall false prophets rise up: and as these rods imitated Aaron's rod, so also shall these false prophets set up their own kingdoms imitating that which is true.
And behold, these false prophets must needs be raised up to lead away the unrighteous from among you.
And I say unto you, those who seek to become a law unto themselves are not of Me.
For I have called you out of the world to be a witness and receive Mine oracles.
And what you have received of Me crieth repentance unto all men that they should set their houses in order and prepare themselves for the calamities to come, yea even for the setting in order of My church.
10 And because ye are not strong in body and in mind, many mock you and some say you come from beneath.
11 And now you have those who claim revelation from Me speaking evil of thee, and behold I say unto you, I shall eat them up, for the word ye have is of Me, and all those who imitate it, it shall devour, even as Aaron's rod devoured the rods of the wizards of Pharaoh.
12 For all things must be fulfilled, yea even every whit, and not one jot nor tittle shall be left out but all prophecy shall be fulfilled.
13 And unto Gene, I guided him unto this place, for his heart was right before Me, but he became proud in his heart, and once pride enters in My Spirit must leave.
14 And because he sought revelation not through the Spirit but by vain imagination, behold I say unto you, he receiveth revelation but not from Me saith the LORD.
15 For it is from the same source as My servant Spencer W. Kimball received revelations.
16 For some are in error concerning this matter, for they say it cometh not from the adversary, but I say unto you, it proceedeth forth from his lips, for he will not be stopped at this time from using all his guile to thwart My work.
17 For his purpose is to blind men's minds and bring contention among those who have taken up the banner of truth, for his works are totally evil.
18 And I say unto you, ye shall tell Gene that if he repents not he shall be destroyed, but not before he fulfilleth his cup.
19 For all who fight against Me receiveth a reward according to their works, yea even the same reward.
20 For ye know not what manner of men ye are, for if ye knew ye would quake and tremble.
21 And ye know not what manner of men and war that ye fight--for some have come forth to do battle at this time and receive crowns of glory, and some have come to fill their cup of iniquity.
22 He who hath an ear, let him hear.
23 And ye have not understood the seriousness of this, and many treat it as a light thing.
24 But behold I say unto you, procrastinate not the day of your salvation, and humble yourselves as little children that the dews of heaven may fall upon you.
25 Fear not My little flock for I am with thee, and though the adversary rage knowing the time is short, thou shalt find peace to thy heart and comfort to thy soul if thou dost repent and keep My commandments.
26 And those who pollute that which is sacred know not what they do, for they have become totally taken over by the evil one.
27 And I place stumbling blocks for men, for if a man stumble and fall he will remember more readily, and he picketh himself up and dusteth himself off, and he be either angered or humbled.
28 And if he be angered he profiteth not from the experience, but if he be humbled, he profiteth wherewithal.
29 And this be the grand key, all those who receive revelation must know the source and try the spirit.
30 And if it be from Me saith the LORD, behold My Spirit will encompass them round about, and men shall they not fear, and their words shall pierce the soul of the wicked, and cause them to anger, and it shall delight the soul of the righteous for it shall expose the wicked and uphold the righteous.
31 And it shall cry repentance unto all men, and require men that they shall perform works of righteousness.
32 And the prophecies they prophesy shall be fulfilled, yea every whit.
33 And the revelations that are not of Me shall not stand.
34 Behold all who seek the counsel of the adversary shall seek to build up their own, claiming authority when there is no authority.
35 For Cain received authority from the adversary to do his works, for he was appointed unto these things by him.
36 At first Cain received revelation from Me saith the LORD.
37 But when he sinned and tried to hide his sin, behold he sought revelation and he received revelation, but not from Me but from the father of all lies.
38 For the pattern is set in these last days. For all those who heed not My commandments and rebel against Me and seeketh revelation shall receive it, but not from Me saith the LORD.
39 And in these last days I have raised up a Prophet and all who heed not his warning shall be destroyed and none shall stand.
40 For all that is hidden shall be revealed and all that was laid up shall come forth, and by the rod of My mouth shall it be done.
41 For now is the time that all men must repent, and from this time forth he that is not for Me is against Me.
42 For if a man plougheth a field and planteth it, behold, if he sees the weeds come up to a greater extent than the good wheat, he considereth what he should do, whether he should plough again the whole field to destroy both good grain and weeds, or whether he shall let both grow until harvest and gather the good grain from among the weeds and then plough the field.
43 Behold the wheat is now ready to be gathered and few there be that are there to gather, yea, there are but few that hath heart.
44 But I shall give unto them My Spirit, and what shall start as a little thing shall fill the whole earth, otherwise the earth shall be desolate at My coming.
45 And those who are not willing to give all they have and place all they have at My feet are not of Me, and by this ye shall know them; for by their works ye shall know them.
46 And those that seek after a sign shall be caught in their own snare and shall receive a sign, but not of Me saith the LORD, and be deceived.
47 For this is the time that men shall live by faith and if they live not by faith they shall not stand.
48 And each man shall stand in his own place and receive revelation unto himself; and this is the interpretation of that which is written which saith that each man shall stand under his own fig tree and eat the fruit thereof, or eat his own fruit.
49 For each man who keepeth all My commandments and standeth at the head of his own house and setteth it in order according to My laws, I shall come in and sup with that man.
50 And the heavens will be opened unto him and he shall receive line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little, and not with stumbling lips, and none shall forbid him.
51 Howbeit I restrain some at this time until their repentance be complete.
52 And all who have gifts shall seek to build up Zion, and all who have talents shall set them upon a hill; and not hide them, that the light therefrom shall fill the whole room, or in other words, that the talent shall not be hidden but be put to use for the benefit of all.
53 And those who abide not My law shall be cast out until they repent.
54 And ye have asked Me where ye shall gather, and behold I say unto you, that I have chosen for a place of refuge even Salem Utah, yea even that city which My servant John Koyle saw even shall be built up; and all the land around about is sacred unto Me.
55 And if ye will have it, as properties are placed up for sale in this place, ye shall purchase properties as your monies shall dictate, and ye shall do this unseemingly and in a quiet manner that the adversary thwart not thy works.
56 And as some of this land has been polluted by man both temporally and spiritually, ye shall reconsecrate these lands to Me and cast out the evil from it.
57 Nevertheless, the land must be built up and brought back into production according to My laws before it is cleansed entirely.
58 And again I say unto you, Independence, Missouri is also sacred unto Me--yea and all the regions around about are to be a gathering place, but not yet for awhile, for it must needs be cleansed by fire.
59 For that which was once sacred has now been thoroughly polluted by the works of the people and is an abomination unto Me.
60 And other places I shall designate from time to time as the needs of My people arise, yea even the place called Callao is sacred unto Me and the mountains nearby.
61 And there will be temporary places of refuge for My saints where they will be safe until the permanent places of refuge be cleansed.
62 Yea, even My servant Gene's property was set aside for this purpose if he will have it, and there be other places in the State called Texas which will be set aside for this purpose.
63 Yea, and there will be temporary places of refuge in the country called Canada, yea even Creston and more particularly at Lyster and the area around about, and at Cardston in the Province of Alberta, even it shall be a place of refuge.
64 Nevertheless, at Salem and at Independence, including Jackson and Clay counties in Missouri, and at Salt Lake City and Brigham City, these are permanent places of refuge, but some must needs be cleansed by fire before My saints can enter therein.
65 And at the moment I have called you to Boise, Idaho; and ye shall gather here until ye are able to purchase land in Salem.
66 For from Zion shall go forth My law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem; for will ye not be the Ensign all shall seek to?
67 And in the mouth of My prophets shall all be fulfilled, and ye shall make haste and send forth the revelations of My Servant to all the members of the Church; and I shall bless you in this matter.
68 And what I have placed in the mind of My servant Joseph none shall mock, for it is true and all shall heed this commandment or be damned, saith the Lord your God.
69 For those who are not willing to give all they have for the upbuilding of My Kingdom shall be cast aside as dross, yea even those who feel themselves above reproach shall fall if they heed not My commandments.
70 For it is expedient that My word go forth even now, for My servants have been slothful even to the procrastination of this work until the time is at the doors and there is little time left that can be called day.
71 And let not men criticize My servant Joseph in this matter, for all who criticize My servant Joseph shall be found wanting and shall lose even that which they have.
72 Before I have said, be not in haste, but now I say unto you, be in haste for the time is short; nevertheless, do all things in order for My house is a house of order.
73 And I have caused My servant Joseph to set up his real estate business so that property can be purchased in Salem and in the areas around about without the knowledge of the wicked.
74 And My Servant must speedily fix up his properties and sell them; and I will soften the heart of his wife in this matter that she be agreeable to this, and with this money he shall purchase even a piece of property in this place on which My righteous shall gather and My work shall go forth.
75 Nevertheless, ye shall work out of Boise for the present until the word going forth unto My people in that area be completed even to the coast.
76 And the monies My Servant receives from his first house must be used to distribute My word to the people of My church scattered in Canada and the remainder to be used in the area of Boise.
77 And all those who step forth to help in this work shall not lose their reward and it shall be according to the revelation received by My servant Joseph in this matter.
78 But none shall be coerced into this by threat in any matter, but it must be a free will offering and not by way of tithe, even though many will use that which would normally be a tithe to further the work.
79 For at the present there are none of those of Mine Aaronic priesthood who are now in order to receive tithe and thus all men have been made responsible for their own, using it as the LORD directs until such time all is set in order.
80 And the funds that are received must be used entirely for the distribution of My work, and any who seek to get gain from the monies will place upon themselves a curse, saith the Lord your God.
81 And unto the rich who repent not and doubt, their riches shall be unto them a snare, and those who covet their own shall soon fall by the wayside and be lost.
82 Beware and take heed, search the scriptures and prove all things and hold fast unto that which is good. Cast from you that which is error that all may be gathered in one.
83 Keep My Sabbath, for you have disregarded the words through My Servant in this matter.
84 If ye keep not this law, how then will ye be distinguished from the evil in the days of trial that are to come?
85 Seek not to overrule My word and keep this commandment faithfully and I will give unto you hidden strength and ye shall survive the trials to come.
86 And after those who have purchased land in and around Salem shall have sent forth My word, behold ye shall place all your surplus monies at the disposal of those in charge of the Relief Mine that the prophecies of My servant John Koyle be fulfilled in that a temporal salvation to My saints be brought about through the workings of the Mine.
87 And all those that come unto Me and receive My word, ye shall recommend that they purchase shares in the mine, yea, even a minimum of 100 shares, for this is also My work; and the prophesies made concerning this mine shall all be fulfilled, for they are of Me saith the LORD.
88 And all who fight against this work shall be brought to naught.
89 And ye shall make haste in this also for the time will come when shares will no longer be available, and those who seek to purchase them will find them not.
Even so, Amen.
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