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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 42

Revelation received June 26, 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Thus saith the LORD unto My servant: Ye shall not deny those who seek a blessing at My hand, for it was for this purpose ye were placed upon this earth, to be a servant to all; therefore ye have asked Me concerning this matter and I give unto you an answer.
Behold I say unto My servant William, that he will heed My counsel, yea even that of his Savior, and none else.
And as to his desire to marry My maidservant Opal, it is correct for him to do so; nevertheless, he must repent of his sins, for unless he repent he will not bring into the world My choice spirits.
For if he prepares not his body both temporally and spiritually how then will I allow My choice spirits to come through his loins?
For now is the time that these choice spirits are to be brought forth; and if it be not by him then it will be by another, it mattereth not unto Me.
Therefore, ye shall refrain from all unclean foods and drink; and ye shall refrain from all tobaccos and harmful drugs that pollute the body and destroy the seed.
And ye shall pray and fast oft and call upon My name from this time forth.
Heed not the counsel of men, for they will seek to destroy thee, but heed My counsel only.
And if ye prepare yourself thus, I will speak unto thee by the still small voice that ye know of a surety that these things are true.
10 For no man can receive these blessings except by revelation, and if ye shall receive no revelation he shall not act.
11 For a man cannot receive a wife under the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage except it be by revelation.
12 Behold I say unto you, there is no other way.
13 In order for you to have a more clear comprehension of this ye must study all that has been revealed unto the children of men concerning this matter.
14 For there has been much written even in the Bible and in the book called The Peace Maker, and also in the Doctrine and Covenants and The Second Book of Commandments.
15 Nevertheless, there is much concerning this law that I cannot reveal unto the children of men at this time, and until Zion is established cannot be implemented.
16 These laws I reveal unto a few, and this individually by revelation to those who set their house in order and obey all the commandments already revealed to the children of men.
17 And thus I say unto My servant William, he shall understand and heed all that has been written concerning this matter and all that shall be taught to him in the School of the Prophets, in order that he raise up unto Me a righteous generation.
18 And if My servant William is not willing to prepare himself in this manner, refraining from all things pertaining to Babylon, then he shall not take unto himself My maidservant Opal, for he is not worthy.
19 For unless he is willing to accomplish this, it is better that he refrain, and he shall seek after another.
20 For if his heart be not broken and his spirit contrite and he rebel against My word, and he esteems it as a hard thing, it is better that he abide in the things that his heart desires, for that which will be given unto him will become not a blessing, but a curse.
21 For My maidservant Opal hath chosen the higher law, desiring the higher kingdom, and this in spite of her many faults.
22 And if she be placed with a man who seeketh not after these things, abomination will result, bringing sorrow and grief.

23 And ye have asked Me concerning authority, and where it lies.
24 Behold I say unto you, that ye have been ordained to the Priesthood after the order of the Son of Man, even the Melchizedek Priesthood; and it hath been conferred upon you in the proper manner; therefore ye hold the Priesthood.
25 Nevertheless, ye have not been commissioned by Me but to receive Mine oracles, and to cry repentance unto this people; and ye shall claim no other authority at this time.
26 And ye have ordained My servants Curtis and Joseph, and this is correct, for you cannot deny others this blessing if they so desire and they are worthy.
27 Nevertheless ye shall from this time forth record the dates and names of witnesses that confusion reigneth not in My house.
28 And ye hold the Melchizedek Priesthood and, according to the promises, the heavens are opened to you to receive direct communication from Me, saith the LORD, if ye will have it.

29 And ye shall not take unto yourselves wives if they be not willing to sacrifice all for the building up of Zion, which is My Kingdom on this earth, for the pure in heart only abideth there.
30 For if ye admit those who have not an eye single to My glory, shall it not then be polluted and good for nothing?
31 Therefore, ye shall admit only those who have an eye single to My glory, for in no other way can Zion be built.
32 For those who covet their own shall not be admitted, and those who covenant not to keep all My commandments shall not be admitted.

33 And I say unto My servants Curtis and Joseph and Wayne, that they set up records itemizing all gifts and surplus properties that come unto their hands and determine from the donor that portion which is a gift and not redeemable and that which is surplus property and is redeemable.
34 And this ye shall do immediately that confusion reigneth not.
35 For strict records must be kept that misunderstandings not occur.
36 And ye shall call upon My maidservant Opal to assist thee in these matters that all consecrations, offerings, bonds, gifts and surplus properties of each individual coming into My kingdom be recorded accurately-- separating those items which are redeemable and those which are not redeemable.
37 And where goods are given instead of monies, then values of each item must be determined so that recordings can be made; and receipts must be given indicating under what category each donation is made.
38 For until the setting in order of My church, each individual coming into My kingdom is responsible for his own tithe and each man's tithe is based upon his increase and not on his salary or wages.
39 For the church has set this up to take from the poor, for the rich keep records and determine their increase each year and pay tithe on this, but the poor keep no records and pay tithe on their income.
40 Behold I say unto you, their income is not their increase, for if a man at the beginning of a year is worth $20,000 and at the end of the year is worth $25,000 his increase is therefore $5,000 and on this his tithe is based, even though his income for the same period is $12,000.
41 Or if a man at the beginning of a year is worth $20,000, and at the end of the year, because he and his wife hath been frugal and labored hard, he is worth $30,000, even though his income from other sources is $5,000 his increase is $10,000, and on this his tithe is based.
42 And thus the church has distorted this law and robs the poor and the widow and makes a mockery of My holy law.
43 Nevertheless, man shall make gifts to Me or My work as he chooses, but tithe is based upon the above principle and none else.
44 And gifts and tithes must be recorded separately for each hath a different purpose in My church, saith the LORD.
45 All those who come unto Me from out of the world who see the truth of these things, who are not now members of My church, must step forth and repent and be baptized in My name.
46 For all who would receive a blessing at My hand must come in by the gate for there is no other way.
47 And all must be done in order and according to My laws and statutes, otherwise there is no blessing.
48 Yet when My church is set in order all must be rebaptized to enter into My Church, notwithstanding what priesthood they held.

49 Ye shall do no other thing at this time except what I have commanded, for ye shall gather at Boise for the present and ye shall obtain license to sell real estate in the State of Utah so that ye will be able to obtain properties as they become available as I have before instructed.
50 And ye shall be diligent in sending forth to the members of My church the oracles of My servant, that those who are now in darkness may receive light.
51 For I have already begun to open up the windows of heaven, dispelling the darkness that has covered the minds of My people, and ye are now witnesses that all My promises shall be fulfilled.
52 And ye shall use the monies ye have so far received as I have before instructed, and for none other purpose.
53 And when ye are called by My voice to go forth ye shall keep the laws of the land also pertaining to these matters, that ye be not thrust in jail.
54 I make an end of speaking at this time. Fear not, and hold fast to that which ye have received.
Even so, Amen.
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