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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 43

Revelation received in 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

Behold I say unto My son George: I have heard thy prayers and know the secrets of thy thoughts.
For all knowledge is known unto Me whereby the deepest thoughts of men are made bare that nothing is hidden.
And I have beheld thy sacrifice, and it is good; nevertheless, it is not perfect.
For even though I have witnessed unto thee these three times that what ye have been taught by My servant Curtis is true, yet because of the trials and tribulations of the world your faith doth falter, and the evil one doth place doubts in thy mind that thereby ye may fall and become his.
For I witness unto some by My Spirit, and unto some by the still small voice, and unto some by dreams; and unto you I have given all three.
What more can I then witness unto thee than what I have done?
For if I send an angel unto thee will ye then believe?
For I did witness unto Laman and Lemuel the truth of the words of Nephi, and they heeded not My words, for they desired a greater witness.
Yea, and I did even grant unto them the greater witness, for I did speak unto them by the still small voice, and did send down an angel; yea, and I did even speak unto them with a voice of thunder and did show unto them many great marvels.
10 And for a time they repented and did humble themselves, but because they desired a sign and did not exercise the necessary faith they eventually fell; and according to the extent of the witness, they received a greater cursing.
11 For man is judged according to the light, and if he rebel against a greater light the judgment that he receiveth is greater in intensity than if he had sinned against the lesser light.
12 Behold, they and their posterity did become a dark and loathsome people, delighting in evil and bloodshed.
13 Therefore, I give unto men a witness only according to their faith, and if they seek a greater witness than what they are able to bear, it shall turn unto their condemnation.
14 Therefore I say unto thee, ye have received these three witnesses and ye know of a surety that these things are true; and the Spirit beareth continual witness that these things are true; therefore, declare My words among the members of My church that even one soul repent--and what great rejoicing will ye have with that soul in My kingdom.
15 Behold, what ye have received ye have received by My will, and ye knew it not, but ye had thought that perhaps it was because of your own wisdom that ye received these things.
16 But behold I say unto you, that ye were given these things that ye may build up Zion if ye will have it; and then ye shall be rich indeed, for he who hath Eternal Life is rich.
17 For Zion shall yet be redeemed even in spite of the wicked one, whose foundation perisheth.
18 For the arm of flesh perisheth at My coming and shall not find an inheritance in My kingdom.
19 Behold I say unto you, there shall be weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.
20 For My kingdom shall be built up by faith, for it is by faith that mountains were moved out of their place and became the bottom of the ocean, and it is by faith that the still small voice whispereth and pierceth to the center.
21 For the greater faith causes the children of men to repent and flee from their sins and forsake wickedness, for the worth of a soul is of greater worth than the moving of mountains.
22 And thus saith the LORD unto My servant: that which was received by My servant Wayne concerning thee is not correct, for there are none of the revelations ye have received thus far which are in error, for I have borne thee up in your infirmities and your lack of knowledge.
23 Nevertheless, ye must seek more diligently My Spirit and heed not thine own desires nor counsel, for it hath clouded thy judgment in the past and it has prevented Me from pouring out greater blessings upon you.
24 Therefore ye shall repent of this, and strive more diligently that thy physical desires and mental abilities be more in line with My will.
25 For some of these things written by My servant Wayne were correct in that he did see thy weaknesses and infirmities, but he understood not that it is because of men's physical infirmities that they are humbled.
26 These infirmities are either caused by his ignorance, or because of his birth.
27 In either case, if he hath faith I overlook these weaknesses.
28 But when these things concerning his own ignorance are made known to him, then if he repents not, he is then accountable before Me.
29 These infirmities which he hath received by birth were placed there with his consent before his birth to enable him to achieve the humility necessary for his salvation.
30 And the adversary cometh to some and showeth these weaknesses of My servants, for his desire is to weaken their faith by more subtle means.
31 But ye understand not that it is because of his infirmities that revelations were given unto him, not in spite of them, for if he were not ignorant how then would the world believe?
32 And if he were wise, then would not the world say it is by his own self that he receiveth these things?
33 Behold I say unto you, that many things that have transpired at this time are to try men's faith, for I will have a tried people.
34 And those who seek shall find; and to those who knock it shall be opened unto them.
35 And to those who doubt and fear after they have received a testimony of Me, unless they repent, they are not of Me and they will fall, and the testimony they have they will lose.
36 And they shall seek and find not, for they then seek after a sign and have not faith, and they become mockers and not believers.
37 Behold I shall give unto them a sign, but it shall be to their damnation, for they will be led by false prophets who will show great signs and wonders.
38 But their great signs will not be unto salvation, but will be to deceive those whom I send.
39 For My word cometh by the still small voice, and the Spirit whispereth and maketh known unto My servants the prophets.
40 And some of you have questioned why I have repeated some of My former commandments.
41 Behold I say unto you, that I have repeated by My Servant some of My former commandments already plainly given unto you, for ye have not heeded them; and by some device of mind ye had thought they were no longer in effect--and now will not ye receive the same commandment by a living prophet?
42 For ye say, "He but repeats what formerly has been given, therefore, he is not very smart; wherefore will we listen to him? For he gives us nothing but that which has already been written, wherefore shall we listen to him?"
43 Behold I say unto you, ye hypocrites, for ye want something new, yet ye cannot yet live that which hath already been given.
44 And in each case he hath made straight the crooked path, for some said the Sabbath be one day, and another said that it be another, and some saith that tithe be paid in such a manner, and some saith that tithe be paid in another fashion, and he hath straightened the crooked path; and yet ye disbelieve, and ye say that perhaps he determines those revelations of his own accord.
45 Know ye not that when ye say this the spirit of Beliar hath deceived you, and causeth this doubt to be in your minds?
46 And ye have not yet heeded My commandment to send forth these revelations to all who will hear, for again he saith unto you that perhaps if we wait until we have much to send out, then the church will have no time to retaliate.
47 But I say unto you, ye shall send out these to all of whom ye have lists.
48 And I say unto you, that the elect hear My voice, for when Mine elect shall receive these revelations My Spirit will whisper to them that they are true.
49 Do no more than what you have been commanded. Contact people only insofar as they contact you.
50 Endeavor to obtain the lists of those who are associated with the Dream Mine, for did they not listen to a former prophet when all others rejected him?
51 Behold I your Savior say unto you, there are but few in My church who have faith to believe, and who are Mine elect.
52 Obtain the master computer copy if you are able, but pay no monies, for if your faith be sufficient ye shall obtain it without money, for one shall step forth to help thee in this matter.
53 And concerning the revelation received by My servant Spencer W. Kimball, he hath denied that it is his, and if ye publish it he will say that it is a fraud or forgery.
54 For he is now possessed with the spirit of Beliar, even the lying spirit, and will lie to save face in any matter; and therefore ye shall not use it to substantiate any point, but use only that which has been published by the church in this matter until I instruct ye further.

55 And again I say unto you, that some shall come forth and because their gift is not acceptable they will seek to discredit thy word through Me, not for the truths sake, but to satisfy and justify themselves in their lack of action to bring forth My kingdom.
56 And they seek to catch thee in a snare by requesting revelation through thee, not because they desire more knowledge, but they hope to cause thee to sin by asking for that which is forbidden.
57 And they search the word you have received from Me, hoping that they will find some error that thereby they may discredit these revelations.
58 And their doubt caused them to sin, for they seek not to confirm these revelations by My Spirit, for they fear the truth and hope that perhaps that they are in error so that they will have an excuse not to live My commandments.
59 For they say, "If we can find a fault with this man's writings then we will not be liable to keep these sayings."
60 So they did the same with Joseph Smith's revelations, but behold I say unto you, their reasoning is false and prompted by the evil one.
61 And they say, "This man knoweth these things because of his knowledge," but I say unto you, that they neither understand the mind of man, neither do they understand the mind of God.
62 But all things are known unto Me, saith the LORD; and they say, "We will call upon the LORD and receive revelation." And they receive revelations, but not of Me, for they receive revelation from the imaginations of their own hearts.

63 Behold I say unto thee, that ye have asked Me concerning the garment of the holy Priesthood, and ye desire a revelation concerning it.
64 Behold, I cannot give you a revelation concerning this, for this knowledge must needs come through visitation, for I sent an angel to My servant Joseph Smith, and he showed him the proper pattern and explained the meanings of the signs and the manner of its construction.
65 And in no other way can a man receive instruction concerning this matter, for it cannot be written down, for error would enter in.
66 For Mine angel appeared unto Joseph and explained the garment's construction, that it should be made as far as possible of one piece of cloth, that it be made of one material, and that it must be worn at all times as a covering for the nakedness of man, and that ye shall not remove it except that he come to his wife and that he may bathe to cleanse himself.
67 And behold, the marks are in remembrance of the covenants which if understood will give to the wearer much power in My name, for power cometh not by the marks but by the righteousness of man, for faith is righteousness, and unbelief is sin.
68 For a garment availeth nothing without faith, for it is by faith that God can fulfill the promise that by which this power is obtained.
69 For by their fruits ye shall know them.

70 And at the judgment they will come before Me and say, "It was because of the weaknesses of this man that we believed him not."
71 Behold, the excuse will be not valid, for all men are required to call upon God to obtain a witness of these things, and the promise is to them that they shall receive a witness.
72 And when they receive a witness it shall be unto them as the parable of the sower.
Even so, Amen.
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