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Restitutionist LDS
2nd Book of Commandments 44

Revelation received August 1, 1979
Completed September, 1979
At Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

My son, I know thy concern and anxiousness concerning those in Boise who have taken upon themselves My name, for you see their weaknesses and mistakes and it does concern thee that they will fall.
Behold I say unto you, concern thyself no more about this matter, for if they fall others shall be raised up in their stead, for My work shall go forward and none shall hamper.
Nevertheless, thy fears are mostly unfounded, for even though they have erred in some instances, it is by these errors they learn, if they will but admit them and turn unto Me.
For if they would have heeded all My word instead of just the part, they would not be in the financial difficulties they now find themselves in.
For if they would have set up the School of the Prophets at the time it was commanded them to do so, they would not only have sufficient funds to accomplish the other commandments that I gave to them, but they would have enabled thee to have immigrated.
And I would have also given unto you sufficient help to accomplish the sending forth of the revelations.
And they also understood that because I had called them to specific callings (and because they had interpreted My word in this manner) they could neglect their own work, not realizing that the building up of the real estate business was a specific commandment; and I would have blessed them in this if they had been diligent in building it up.
And behold I say unto My servant Joseph, that he repent.
For when I gave unto him a revelation that he so eagerly requested, he put forth his hand with diligence to accomplish the commandment contained therein, but he neglected the other commandments I gave to him through My Servant --feeling that the commandment received through himself was of more importance.
10 And in this he did err, not realizing that all came from the same source and all must be heeded in its proper order.
11 For he did become proud in his heart that he was able to receive revelation from Me; and because he became proud he desired another revelation.
12 And I say unto you, that the second revelation was not of Me, but was made up of the desires of his own heart, and he does already know this and has repented of it; and he shall destroy this revelation that it not be found.
13 But the first he shall retain, for it is correct and of Me, saith the LORD; and if he repents I will give unto him further revelation, for he must realize that revelation cometh not by his own will but by Mine, saith the Lord of Hosts.
14 And I say unto him, that he shall seek to Me concerning what he shall do with his wife, for he does fear My will concerning this matter.
15 For at one time I calleth a man to do a particular thing that he may learn obedience; and another time I calleth him to give up that which I have called him to do, again that he may learn obedience.
16 And the second time is the greater test, for he argueth in his mind saying, "Why would the LORD ask Me to give up that which he originally requested that I do?"
17 Know ye this: at one time it is right for a man to do a certain thing, and at another time it is correct for him to do the opposite.
18 For I commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son--and he would have done so if I had not rescinded My original commandment and commanded him to sacrifice a ram in his stead.
19 Howbeit, if he had obeyed the first and not heeded Me in the last, would he not then have committed a grievous sin?
20 So can it be, when a man is commanded to do a certain thing and he does it willingly, then when he is commanded to no longer do this thing, does he not commit a sin if he does not heed the second commandment?
21 And I say unto you, that many men in the past have lost My Spirit because they have not heeded Me in the second instance, and until they have repented they have been turned over to the buffetings of the adversary.
22 Nevertheless, a man has his free agency in these matters and must choose freely which path he must follow, for some must learn by that which they suffer.
23 Notwithstanding all this, I am well pleased with My servant Joseph, for in spite of his errors he doth possess a humble heart and a contrite spirit; and if he continueth in this attitude he shall prevail over all his weaknesses and become a power for good and a pillar of strength among his brethren.
24 And unto My servant Curtis, I have somewhat to say to him, for he doth resist the Spirit in some instances and heedeth his own will instead of Mine, saith the LORD.
25 And he knoweth this and hath repented of it to a degree; nevertheless, he must put forth his hand to help My servant Joseph in his real estate business, for this must needs be built up, not with guile, but with honesty and integrity.
26 For all things built up unto My name must needs be in accordance with My commandments, otherwise they shall not prosper.
27 And if he had heeded My word in this matter I would have blessed him financially; and now it will be a struggle for him to gain that which he hath lost.
28 Yet I am well pleased with many of his actions, in that he has raised his voice in the defense of truth, and in this he shall not lose his reward.
29 And he hath desired another wife; and in this he does not err. But he must prepare himself for this, seeking more to do My will respecting refraining from the things of Babylon.
30 For he hath not yet rid himself from these desires, and before I place in his care another of My choice spirits, he must cleanse himself thoroughly of these things that he be worthy to bring forth choice spirits.
31 For if I place these choice spirits in his custody and he teach them not by precept and example these things, he then is under condemnation.
32 Therefore I say unto My servant, be no longer discouraged or concerned over these matters, for that which seemeth as a burden to thee now will turn unto thee as a blessing.
33 Yet My heart is saddened at the stiffneckedness of the people, for after they receive a witness at My hand they are slow to obey My commandments; and because they seek not My Spirit and have depended so much upon others for guidance in the past, they take it not upon themselves to seek My guidance at this time also.
34 And when they do seek My guidance and receive instructions of My Spirit, they complain that it is much too hard a thing for them to accomplish.
35 And they lack the faith that comes through works, for their great abundance of material wealth hath made them slothful.
36 Neither do they retire early that they may rise early and be invigorated.
37 And they continue to partake of the fares of Babylon that laggeth the mind and corrupteth the seed.

38 And I say unto My maidservant Opal, that I have seen her works and they are good and they pleaseth Me much.
39 Nevertheless, she must watch and pray always that she be not led into temptation.
40 And she shall not fail to partake of My holy sacrament oft and remember the covenants she hath made with Me.
41 For she must needs come to Me with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, holding nothing back, that I may pour out My choicest blessings upon her that she will not be able to contain them.
42 For if any receive a commandment begrudgingly, they will not receive the blessings, even the confirmation of the Spirit and the peace that passeth all understanding, and a testimony of Me that faileth not, which leadeth unto Lives Eternal.
43 For all My commandments performed begrudgingly will be as if they were never performed.

44 And of the servants I have called unto Me in Texas, they shall stand still for the moment and wait for My word concerning them. Let them remain faithful in what they have embraced, for it is of Me, for that which is of God shall not fail.
45 And I am well pleased with My servants who have been called out of the world, speaking unto them collectively and not individually.
46 And I reveal no more unto thee at the present.
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